Introducing Grace Tan: Your New Shampoo Ad Girl

Don’t worry, I’m not considering a career switch. Just amused at how, in the space of one month, I have accepted two hair product reviews (one from Pantene and one from Silkpro). Come join me on my hair-raising ADventures (hur hur) and see if these products are better than what you are currently using! 🙂

Hello Kitty blogger

Here’s my pre-treatment hair

First up is Pantene’s Liquid Crystal Shampoo System:

Pantene Liquid Crystal Shampoo System

Pros: Smells really good, helped untangle and moisturize my hair after I got it bleached twice and dyed multiple times [DO NOT do what I did!] 😛

Cons: It doesn’t quite make hair color vibrant like it promises to – my new hair color faded a little after a week [not sure if it is due to the off-the-shelf dye pack]

I’m now alternating Pantene’s range with Silkpro’s Hair Fall Control shampoo, Treatment Conditioner and Hair Tonic:


Pros: Despite containing 11 herbs, the shampoo has a mild, pleasant scent and leaves a cool, tingly sensation on the scalp! Perfect for days when the weather is hot and my scalp gets oily and itchy! 😀

Cons: The Hair Tonic made my scalp feel warm and prickly. Would have been great if it was cooling like the shampoo instead.

 *Tip: Alternate between two shampoos to keep scalp and hair receptive to each product’s benefits. 

Pink Hair

My hair now – on a good day

Got a good shampoo to recommend? Leave me a comment? 🙂

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