Transform Your Shoes With Shoe Clips From Haute Shuz Bar

Haute Shuz Bar shoes

Haute Shuz Bar shoe clips

Aren’t those shoes lovely?

Would you like to own those shoes?

Would you like to own those shoes without actually buying new shoes? 😉

I have a recommendation for you!

Haute Shuz Bar’s shoe clips

Haute Shuz Bar is an online shoe retailer which has an impressive range of shoe clips that can help transform your shoes from boring to stunning, from day to night, from office shoes to party-ready shoes!

Here’s a pair of my favorite shoes from Haute Shuz Bar – the Double Stripes Mary Jane. They are so comfortable and the clips are really adorable:

Haute Shuz Bar - Double Stripes Mary Jane

Without the clips, the shoes look rather plainBut I think this pair of shoe clips really complements the shoes very well, don’t you think so? The best part is that for just S$33.90, you get both the shoes and the clips! There are only a few pairs left so hurry and get yours here.

The unique double-strap design can be troublesome to remove if you are the kind who likes kicking off your shoes in a jiffy. But otherwise, it is a very pretty pair which will make you stand out from the crowd!

*I took the photo above while out on a date at Punggol Waterway – I’m crazy like that. Anyone spotted the barefooted lady snapping pictures of her own shoes? 😀

And don’t just stop at these shoes, you can use those fabulous shoe clips to jazz up your own (old and boring) shoes, outfits, even bags!

I found an old and hardly-ever-worn pair of Elisa Litz heels at home and decided to work some magic on them with Haute Shuz Bar shoe clips! 🙂

Elisa Litz heels

Put together all the clips I got from Haute Shuz Bar and tried matching them with the heels:

Elisa Litz heels with Haute Shuz Bar clips

I decided that the feathers with a little bling looked the best on these heels 😀 It’s like an instant touch of glamour!

If you already have many pairs of shoes at home, but want to give your shoes a brand new look, why not get some shoe clips for them?

View the entire range HERE.


Here’s another pair of heels from Haute Shuz Bar. I think something is missing…

Red Dark Chocolate High Heel:

Haute Shuz Bar Red Dark Chocolate High Heel

I’ve already decided on the accessories for the look – sunglasses, bag, bangle… But I still need something else for my shoes! 😉

Make a guess – what else do my shoes need?

You can find the answer here 🙂