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Lady First SG Episode 3 is all about how to look beautiful whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s! I’ve picked up some useful makeup and skincare tips so read on to find out what they are! 🙂

On the show this time are the beauty experts Xiao Kai 老师 and Bryan:

Lady First Singapore Episode 3

Sidenote: I find good-looking Taiwanese men very attractive 😀

The show begins with Kelly hitting the streets to ask people how old they think the female guests on the show are. Celyn, seated next to Kelly, is in her early 20s but people thought she was at least 40 years old! Poor thing!

First Problem: Pimples!

Celyn actually demonstrated to us how she uses BB cream with anti-acne properties – she puts a HUGE amount of it onto her face as if she’s slapping cement onto bricks! Xiao Kai 老师 tells her that is way too much and that it will block her pores! He also advises that such creams or even anti-acne medications must be applied right after cleansing.

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - Celyn and too much bb cream

Also, if you have pimples, get lightweight foundation so it is almost like airbrushing. You want coverage, and not to look like you are wearing a mask.

Everyone was shocked when Xiao Kai 老师 revealed that a powder puff not washed for 3 days has more bacteria than a toilet bowl! (@_@) You definitely do not want that on your acne-prone skin!

Also, you will need a concealer brush to hide pimples, blemishes, etc. Fingers are not good enough for the job.

Second Problem: Wrinkles!

Kelly is beginning to see wrinkles as she nears age 30. Xiao Kai 老师 recommends under-eye massages to reduce wrinkles and upper-eyelid massages (with gentle pressure in three areas) to reduce puffiness.

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - gold and white gold product

Above: With improved blood circulation, dark eye circles and eye-bags will naturally disappear!

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - Eye and Face Massage

*He also shared that if we want a v-shaped jawline, we must not forget the neck areas during our skincare regimen. Always push the skin upwards and also, do not let the apples of your cheeks sag too! Pull from the side of your nostrils to your temples.

Third Problem: Lines on neck!

Candyce has been eating vitamins since she was young and thus has fairly good skin. However, she has multiple lines (folds?) on her neck which are supposedly hereditary. Bryan recommends a mixture of “mi kang you”, “ru xiang jing you” and
“tan xiang fen”(tumeric?) to help Candyce. [I have NO idea what the first two ingredients are] 😀

Bryan also mentioned that we must exfoliate the skin around the neck but not by using products we usually use on our body as the skin around the neck is thinner!

He said that If one’s spleen is weak, the neck starts to sag. Hmm…

Fourth Problem: Dull skin and too much concealer!

Carrie uses concealer on her whole face (except for two small parts) The result is that there is no glow. She does all that just to conceal small facial veins, blemishes and pimples. But Xiao Kai 老师 says that If skin is radiant, it can hide blemishes already. He advises using pearlescent makeup so, instead of concealing, just reflect light. But of course, do not use those products on their own or you will start “glowing” like a lightbulb. Mix the product with a liquid foundation, and blend it in.

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - Foundation mixed with product

Final Problem: Mature skin/Loss of elasticity

Limei is in her 40s and her skin has clearly lost much of its elasticity. Bryan used a handheld RF device to stimulate collagen production, at about 40 degrees Celsius.  It looked like it worked! 🙂

Lady First Singapore Episode 3 - RF device for better skin elasticity

Final words from Xiao Kai 老师: We have access to great makeup and skincare products so do not let your lack of skills put them to waste.

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14 thoughts on “Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 3

  1. Thank you for making the effort in summarizing the episodes! 🙂 Any idea what are the products used in the 3rd episode?

  2. Thanks Grace for sharing this 3rd episode:-)
    The pimples and dark eye circles are my main concerns; During my last Taiwan trip, I did bought some of the sleeping masks for eyes and face-under Nu’er 老師 recom, which i find quite effective!

    • You’re most welcome, Baomin! 🙂

      You know what, to get rid of dark eye circles, just get as much sleep as possible. It’s as simple as that. Even doctors recommend just sleeping. 😀

      Taiwan has a lot of awesome products! When I get pimples, I calm the skin down with My Beauty Diary’s aloe vera mask. And if the pimples refuse to go away, I use Neutrogena’s acne cream on them – they’ll disappear after about 2 to 3 days. 🙂

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