I Am Now A Certified Health Ambassador!

This evening, I received the certificate from my MP, Ms Penny Low.

Health Ambassador

I signed up for the Health Ambassador course because I know knowledge is power. So many people around me have been struck by one of these – cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity. And I do not want to be the next one.

Becoming a Health Ambassador will help me in 2 aspects:

1) Equipping me with knowledge about disease prevention

2) ‘Forcing’ me to be a role model – because of this ‘title’ of Health Ambassador, I’ll have to pay an even closer watch to what I eat, how much I weigh, how often I exercise, etc

So, it’s all good! 🙂

Don’t be surprised when you see me at events held by the Health Promotion Board! 😀


Another non-health related issue: Sign up with Insinc to get rewards for off-peak travel on trains! 🙂 Well, actually, the extra cash bonus might raise your endorphin levels and bring a smile to your face, so perhaps this IS health-related after all!

I take the off-peak trains pretty often as I abhor crowds, and it has worked out well for me. Been rewarded with about S$22 so far. More than enough for a good meal.

I’ve told all my friends about Insinc and NONE of them has regretted signing up. Most regret not signing up earlier! So head over now, and sign up with my referral link so I can get some points too: https://insinc.sg/r/58KDYBvY/

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy! 🙂


5 thoughts on “I Am Now A Certified Health Ambassador!

  1. It’s so true! Too common to have the 3 highs (glucose, blood pressure & cholesterol). I have been trying to have to a healthy lifestyle. Watching over what I eat, having enough rest but I do need to start on a regular exercise regimen. You inspire me whenever i read on your post, Grace!

    • Hey Yvonne! Yes, do get moving so you get a healthier body! 🙂 It’s not easy at the start… even I am dying from all those gym sessions. But the weight loss and being able to fit nicely into my jeans (with extra space too) just feels wonderful! 🙂

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