Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 4

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Ironically, due to a StarHub event on Monday, I ended up missing the first ten minutes or so of Episode 4, though I had rushed back in a cab. 😀 Perhaps, this means I should go figure out how to watch 女人我最大 on catch-up tv! LOL! Anyway, what I did catch was this:

Kelly said she does a 3-minute ‘nude’ makeup sometimes, using only false eye lashes and nothing else. And my goodness! I do that almost all the time! Ever since I started on SK-II’s Cellumination range, I decided that since my face is already somewhat glow-y, there is no need to pile on the makeup anymore. So it’s either falsies or eyeliner + mascara, and absolutely nothing else! Good skin is better than the best makeup, seriously!

But everyone told Kelly that she looked pale and sickly (没气色). I think a little blush is required – maybe go for a run or use a cream blush?

And Clarence showed us a gel eyeliner in pencil form – how cool is that?!

To avoid getting wrinkles on your forehead (at least, not so early) Pauline says Xiao Kai taught her to keep her face expression-less and use one finger to prop up the eyelid of the eye she is applying eyeliner on. Useful tip!

More tips!

1) Mascara should be waterproof or lashes will “collapse” due to Singapore’s humid weather

2) You should have lipstick on even with nude makeup on your face

3) Don’t rub your eyes when removing eye makeup to avoid wrinkles and loss of lashes

4) When attempting a smoky eye look, try adding some shimmer, to avoid looking like a panda

Lady First SG How To Do A Smoky Eye Look

There was a makeover segment which was obviously staged. Kelly “hit the streets” to find someone with over the top eye makeup. And she “found” Karen, whom I know to be a Watsons blogger. 😉 Because Karen’s eyes are small and she has single eyelids, Clarence used a little bit more eyeliner on top and some pearlescent eyeshadow below for a doe-eyed(?) look.

Before the makeover, and makeup removed from one eye:

Lady First SG Bad Eye Makeup

After the makeover:

Lady First SG Karen's makeover

The final guest on the show decided to do a PK with Xiao Kai. Vee eventually lost (how could she have won against him, anyway?). Vee wanted to make her eyes look bigger with lots of eyeliner and ended up drawing something that looked like a whale’s body. Find the video here

Final tips from the gurus:

1) Clarence: Avoid using too much eyeshadow – start with lighter shades then progress to darker ones

2) Xiao kai: Hygiene is very important!

Looking forward to Episode 5! I believe one of my former blog interviewees, Sheila Sim, will be on the show! 😀

Stay tuned!