The Haze Will Go, The Masks MUST Stay!

Great Humorous Minds Think Alike:


With Kiasu-ism being one of the ‘major religions’ in Singapore, I have reason to believe that many Singaporeans have bought more masks than they could possibly require for this haze season. After all, our government has already set the tone with a stockpile of 9 million N95 masks. We don’t even have 9 million people on this tiny island! Oh wait… is that the new population target?

In any case, I hope Singaporeans get into the habit of mask-wearing, and not just when trying to escape the paparazzi after stepping out from the Subordinate Courts.

Taking the buses and trains is often a bit of a worry for me as many people cough and sneeze without covering their mouths. Some are visibly ill but just refuse to put on a mask. What can I possibly do? I can only wear a mask even though I am well!

You know… we chide Indonesia (or more specifically, one minister with childish comments, and the people responsible for the haze) for being an inconsiderate neighbor. But it’s easy to point a finger at someone else, without realizing what we are doing to our own countrymen.

We are heading out of the house without masks even when we are ill. We are coughing and sneezing without covering our mouths. We are going to the office instead of calling in sick and risking that promotion. We are SHARING our germs with everyone around us on public transport and in the office.

That’s what we are doing to people close to us.

Can we blame Indonesians for not caring about us?

Only when we are gracious to our own fellow citizens can we even begin to expect some decency and courtesy from other countries. Seriously, Singapore, let’s look inward first.