Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 6

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This episode is dedicated to Office Ladies aka OLs and it’s all about their hair and outfits. I’d probably be SO thrilled if I’m an OL. LOL!

Lady First Episode 6

11 Tips for OLs:

1) Make sure your clothes are fitting. Don’t get a size bigger for fear of getting fat soon.

2) Consider getting jackets and outfits in other colors and not just black, white and off-white. Details like sheer portions and detachable sleeves are interesting too!

3) Don’t tie your ponytail too tightly. You don’t want to accelerate hair loss or get a headache!

4) Your ponytail must look nice even when undone. It must not look like a mess when you let your hair down. Curl your hair before tying it into a ponytail.

5) Massage your scalp after your hair is out of a tight ponytail like Yi Lin 老师’s.

6) Curl the fringe portion so it doesn’t end up flat.


7) Don’t reveal too much cleavage as it is not professional.

8) If you have a short bob, use hair wax in spray form. Normal wax would be too oily.

9) Bobby pins must not be exposed!

10) Hairbands should be thin, and ribbons (if any) should be small and slim.

11) Apply some hair wax to the end of your fringe and tuck it at the back of your ear where it will stay put! 😉 And avoid severe center partings unless you want to look matronly.

Side vs Center Parting

And there you have it – 11 tips for looking your best as an OL! 😀 Actually, non-OLs stand to benefit from watching this episode too! I sure did!

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