O&J Premium Mangoes – Don’t Judge A Mango By Its Skin

I have to state this upfront: The O&J Mangoes I tried are some of the sweetest mangoes I have ever eaten. The thing is, the mangoes don’t look pretty. It’s like a good book with an awfully designed cover. Does this make sense to you? So, just as you should never judge a book by its cover, don’t judge these mangoes by the way they look. Just have a taste and you might find yourself speechless.

OJ Mangoes

[Side note: Since becoming a Health Ambassador, I’ve been turning down reviews for anything alcohol- or unhealthy food-related. So I’m super happy to do fruit reviews! LOL! There’s one more coming up soon – about kiwifruit! Stay tuned!]

So, back to mangoes. My first encounter with O&J Mangoes was at Dabzee’s office. I was initially wondering if the mangoes would be worth the trip there. Then, I ended up eating the most, I think. 😀

Here’s a sneaky shot I took of Darren and the self-professed Mango Man:

Darren and Mango Man

Why did I take that photo of Darren? ‘Cos he was doing this to the mangoes:

Mango Face

It does serve a purpose as a mango ripeness chart. LOL!

Once you’ve determined that the mango is ripe, serve it chilled:

Mango on Ice

For the uninitiated, the mango season is from June to August. And besides being a sweet treat, mangoes also contain Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, etc.  O&J mangoes are from Pakistan (who knew they had mangoes there, right?) and are really good!

The Mango Man says:

Mix the pulp with yoghurt, or freeze it with milk to become ice-cream, or have it with prata! How awesome is that prata suggestion?! 😀

The big mangoes in the photos above are of the Sindhri variety (they are big and have little to no fibre, and are “creamy”). We also tasted the Langra and Anwer Ratool mangoes (smaller and not as awesome as the Sindhri). Usually there’s the Chousa and Fajri varieties too but I have yet to try those.

Warning: Storing unripe mangoes in the fridge will stop the growth of the mangoes and as a result the mangoes will not ripen at all.

Only ONE way to get O&J Mangoes:

Sole Distributor (since 1981) Dabzee Enterprise Pte Ltd http://www.dabzee.com.sg

Update 3/7/13: The Mango Man delivered more mangoes – the Chousa variety this time! 😀 Have heard about the legendary sweetness of the Chousa mango so I can’t wait to eat these!

OJ Mangoes Chousa Mangoes