Shopping with SnappyFit – Online Shopping Done Offline

Ever bought something online only to find that the item doesn’t fit you, or doesn’t look like the picture you saw online? I sure have!

So when SnappyFit claimed it could solve my online shopping woes, I was skeptical but gave it a try.

SnappyFit basically lets you try the items sold online first – in a physical shop – before you decide whether or not to purchase the item(s)!

So I signed up for SnappyFit’s online shopping concierge service, AND experienced a stylist session. Denise from Imago Image helped dress me up, tested my fashion limits, and put me into outfits I would not usually wear(!!!), just for the fun of it! 🙂

Denise and Me


This is why you should NEVER trust pictures you see online:

SnappyFit 1

These 3 outfits above looked SO GOOD on models in those pictures online, but in them, I looked like an OL who needs to lose weight, a sleepwalker in pyjamas and an aunty heading to the wet market, respectively. (@_@)

Hang in there. It gets better… gradually…

2nd set of clothes – colors I would not usually wear:

SnappyFit 2

The benefit of having a stylist with you is that she will challenge you to wear styles or colors you would usually just steer clear of. Mustard-colored tops and orange pants? An acquired taste and hopefully not in fashion-disaster zone. Ha!

But you can start breathing easily now… it’s getting better!

Here are some outfits that are more my style:

SnappyFit 3

And finally, two of the outfits that I eventually selected!

SnappyFit 4

And a group picture!

Denise, Me and Sin Ning (boss of SnappyFit)


If you’d like to check out SnappyFit’s services too, here are some blog reader benefits you can claim: 10% discount off any item plus one complimentary express manicure from Pretty 360 located in the same building [till 28 Aug 2013 or till vouchers run out!]

SnappyFit is located at Singapore Shopping Centre (near Park Mall, Dhoby Ghaut), #03-16.

One thing YOU MUST NOTE: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay for registered mail, or your items *may* get lost when being delivered to you. You basically try on outfits at SnappyFit’s fitting room, place your order, then walk out empty-handed. Your selections will be mailed to you.

I received my Elska shoes very quickly, and the item from rolledit as well. But my parcel from bezooe went missing. I had to head over to the nearest post office, look through lists and lists of items that had not been delivered successfully, and walk away disappointed ‘cos I didn’t find my name on any of those lists.

Thankfully, Bezooe somehow got the parcel back and it eventually made its way to my mailbox. Phew! But what an adventure just because normal mail was chosen over registered mail.

Totally not worth the “savings”!

Now that you know what to do, you’ll have an amazing shopping experience. Get started here: