Losing It With Jillian – Season 1 Episode 5 to 8

I hope you have read my previous blogpost about Episode 1 to 4 of Losing It With Jillian! 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Jillian Michaels and here’s proof:

I have borrowed just about every single book she wrote…

Jillian Michaels books

And I’m already done reading two of them. 😀

And here are the rest of the episodes of Losing It With Jillian that I’ve watched on Youtube:

Episode 5: Mark, Laverne and family

Mark played football in high school and college, and he once weighed 305 pounds with just 9% body fat but he let himself go after that. By the time Losing It was filmed, he already had 11 heart procedures in just over a year. His son, Elijah, weighs 330 pounds at age 14, clearly following in dad’s footsteps.

*Watch this episode if you, or someone you know, has self-esteem issues from being overweight, resulting in an unhealthy downward spiral.

“When you give yourself credit for something, when you take pride in what you do, it doesn’t mean you think that you are better than someone else. It just means that you value who you are, and you send that message to the world.” – Jillian

Episode 6: Native Americans – 3 generations in a family (Delores, Cora-lei, Brandon)

Because of their more ‘modern’ diets, many native Americans have diabetes, and obesity and other heart-related ailments plague their community.

Jillian is taken aback by how these people eat fry bread, which is dough fried in lard. She shocks them by dumping the bread right before their eyes. 😉

[Referring to the enriched, bleached flour] “When something is enriched, it means they are adding vitamins back into it. When you have to add vitamins to something, that usually means it is pretty darn bad for you!”

*Watch this episode if you are overweight but don’t know what to do, how to change, and need more information in order to set things right.

Episode 7: Todd and Amy, and their daughters – Lily (9) and Chloe (7)

Amy is a smoker while Todd goes on late-night binges or ‘grazing’ as he would call it. Amy once had gastric bypass after which she lost a lot of weight but when her business failed, she put the weight back on. Todd needs a sleep apnea machine.

Todd eventually decides that he has to “be here for the girls” – “What intelligent man goes out and just kills himself by eating food?”, “I have all the power in the world to change my life, and I’m going to do everything I can”.

Episode 8: David Sr. and Carmen, and their kids Melissa and David Jr.

David Jr. at nine years old has to test his blood sugar daily as he is pre-diabetic. David Sr. is in denial while his son is learning by example. David Sr. has obstructive sleep apnea, and could die in his sleep without the aid of the machine.

Soundbites: “Command it, make it happen”, “I will try until I get it right”

Losing It is a very inspirational series. I’m so blown away by how Jillian has helped some people go from being helpless and hopeless to being healthy and happy. It is simply incredible!

I’d SO love to meet Jillian Michaels one day. Sending this out to the world now… 😀

p/s: Last night, as I was getting home from a run around the park, I spotted a really obese guy waiting to cross the road with his young daughter. In his left hand was a bag containing two 1.5litre bottles of Coke and in his right hand was his daughter’s little hand. And I totally had a Jillian Michaels moment there – “Why is he doing this?! Why is he killing himself? Why does he not want to stay around and watch his daughter grow up? Why?” *ahem* [End of rant]