True Story: Seven Frogs Staring At A Wall

This is a story about how I went out yesterday evening feeling all bothered and unsettled, then found seven frogs staring at a wall, and came back feeling very different. Let’s begin…

This week hasn’t been one of the best weeks this year. The awards ceremony for the Singapore Blog Awards is on Saturday (i.e. tomorrow) and to say that I am nervous is an understatement. I also turned down a blogging assignment worth hundreds of dollars two days’ ago because it’s for an “L” Weight Management chain in Singapore that I DO NOT endorse, and have blogged not-so-nice-things about previously. And I’m beginning to wonder if my rather radical lifestyle changes (largely eating clean and incorporating more exercise) is going to hit me hard financially – No advertising for fast food chains, no advertising for restaurants, no advertising for slimming programs, etc. It’s too early to say for sure yet so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

I was also worried about the publication of my first book (which will likely happen end of this month or early next month) and whether it would sell well. (@_@)

And the fact that I’m all jittery makes it a pain for me to be around people, even family.

So the fiance and I went out for an evening stroll – and my mind was not on the weather, not on the company, and certainly not on how many calories I was burning.

I felt pissed at the smokers (Is cancer THAT desirable?!), the foreign workers whizzing past on their bicycles and ringing the bells insistently (It’s a walkway, not a bicycle racetrack, for goodness’ sake!) and at the fiance for not thinking that I’m perfectly justified at being pissed.

Just as we were walking past a school, I spotted something very unusual:


These frogs were just silently staring at a wall. And pardon me, I just could not help thinking aloud…


“Give me my phone. I have to take a picture of this!”

“Aren’t you scared of them?” he asked.

“As long as they don’t jump at me”, I replied, snapping away.

“You are one of the few girls I know who aren’t scared of frogs”, he said, as he inched away from the frogs and me.

Satisfied with the photo-taking, we left the frogs to their wall-staring activity and walked away.

Just as we were about to cross the road, I suddenly laughed… OUT LOUD!

The fiance was incredulous, as if he thought I had just lost my marbles.

I explained that no, it is just so RIDICULOUS. WHY?! Why were those frogs just staring at the wall and not doing anything? They weren’t croaking, smacking each other on the backs or even moving. It’s like the wall had them hypnotized!

And then I realized they could be God-sent! To snap me out of my grumpy, crazy moods. Laughter is truly the best medicine for many situations!

When I got home, I pondered about the unusual sighting.

I found the frogs ridiculous, because they were just staring at a wall and ultimately not accomplishing anything.

The frogs can similarly find me ridiculous because I was worrying and fretting and being pissed off at everybody and anything, but ultimately not accomplish anything. In which case, I would be better off just staring at a wall. 😀

One other thing I learnt was that:

What has yet to happen does not matter yet

What has already happened does not matter anymore

What matters is NOW.

The frogs were certainly in the moment. Perhaps they were meditating, frog-style. My mind was all over the place and not in that moment. Perhaps I have a thing or two to learn from the frogs.

So, as the weekend approaches, let us be mindful of the need to stay present. And if you ever find yourself worrying unnecessarily about something which has not happened yet, you may find it helpful to do as the frogs do, and find a wall to stare at. Then have a good laugh. 😀

p/s: I hope I’ll have good news to share after Saturday’s awards ceremony!


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  1. Yes, what matters is Now! Cherish the real moment in life and live(laugh) to the fullest!!

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