This Blog Is The BEST INDIVIDUAL BLOG (SG Blog Awards 2013) !!!

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Winners

That’s me in the middle (in pink) 😀

My goodness. I am at a loss for words. Put simply, I am in shock.

If I had not won the award, I would have been able to put together an eloquent piece. But now, I just feel like pinching myself every 5 minutes to confirm that I’m not daydreaming.

So yes, after getting into the Top 10 for 2 consecutive years, I have brought home the trophy and won myself a number of fantastic prizes. I love OMY and SPH more than ever! 😀

When I’m a little more settled, I will write a proper post to thank everyone I want to thank.

Right now, I think I shall have dinner… and some cake. 😀



6 thoughts on “This Blog Is The BEST INDIVIDUAL BLOG (SG Blog Awards 2013) !!!

  1. Congratulations Grace!! You deserved that award:-D May ur blog continue to 蒸蒸日上,keep it up!

  2. Congratulations, Grace! The award is testimony of your passion and good work. Keep improving as I’m always reading your blogs.

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