7th Heaven: Pretty Dresses Made In Korea

Are you looking for pretty, Korean apparel? Well, look no further, as they say. 😉 Here I have 2 dresses from 7th Heaven that I picked for a review…

The Byra Dress in Pink (S$65)

7th Heaven Byra Dress - Pink

I wore the Byra Dress to a bloggers’ event on Wednesday, pairing it with my hot pink Nine West heels and a Diva necklace. That’s all this dress needs, really. It already stands out on its own!

What can I say? I LOVE the faux 2-piece dress. The inner lining is silky smooth and outside, the dress is somewhat structured. I don’t know how it was designed but it really helps pull in my waist. 😀 And it’s in pink – what more can I ask for?

And there’s the other dress which I wore to a Wrap Party on Tuesday. The Wrap Party was to celebrate the successful filming of a Channel U series in which I am featured in the finale episode – catch it on 9th September, 9pm, Channel U. 😉 Sounds like an auspicious date and timing. LOL!

The Ella Orange Checkered Shirt Dress (S$50)

Ella Orange Checkered Shirt Dress

This dress has a nice checkered design though I found it just a little too long – more suited for ladies over 165cm. It did not come with a belt so I found a purple one from my wardrobe to go with it. I tried a white belt before that but didn’t quite like the look.

The dress has an interesting slit at the sides, which my fiance calls the “cheongsam split”. LOL! Because this dress has buttons all the way down the front, you may need to watch the way you sit. Tip: I pinned the ends together at the bottom with a small safety pin to avoid any “indecent exposure” 😀

There are other dresses on 7th Heaven you may like – well, I do:

7th Heaven dresses

Start Shopping at: http://www.7thheaven.com.sg/


2 thoughts on “7th Heaven: Pretty Dresses Made In Korea

  1. Pink really look very sweet on you!
    But also bring out that elegant look in u:-)

    • Thanks, Baomin! I simply love pink so when I saw this dress, it was love at first sight. Pink dresses are actually not that easy to match with shoes and accessories. I’m lucky I have these at home. 😀

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