#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #1: Insane Rubix KiwiCube

As you most likely already know, I’ve taken part in Zespri’s 14-day challenge. As part of the challenge, I have to put together some yummy creations using Zespri kiwifruit. 🙂

And I thought to myself… “Why not create kiwi dishes inspired by my favorite bloggers?” 😀

So… if you are ready… here’s my first blogger inspiration. I’ve interviewed Adrian Fiorino from insanewiches.com for this blog more than 2 years ago! Check out the interview here.

His *arguably* most famous insanewich has to be the Rubix Cubewich:

Rubix Cubewich

And I did something *almost* as insane…

Presenting to you… *drumroll*…

The Insane Rubix KiwiCube:

AmazingZespri Insane Rubix KiwiCube

For this 100% healthy (and very juicy) rubix kiwicube, I used green kiwi, gold kiwi, orange, watermelon and rock melon. Of course, you are welcome to use any other fruit you have at home. But do include kiwifruit as it contains 2X more Vitamin C than oranges and 5X more nutritional goodness than apples (Source: Zespri), thus making it a superfruit! 🙂

Even though it can be rather troublesome to cut everything into cube form (I’m sure there’s a professional tool for this but I just don’t own it yet!), it looks delightful and I think both kids and adults will love it. 🙂 Get your kids involved and teach them Math at the same time – “How many kiwi cubes are needed to form the Insane Rubix KiwiCube?”

Go on, grab some yummy kiwifruit at your nearest supermarket! 🙂

AmazingZespri Kiwilicious

And I want to hear from you! 

If there’s a blogger you think should inspire my next kiwi dish, leave me a comment! 😀 Or throw me a challenge? Giant rubix kiwicube? 😀

AmazingZespri An Eye For Kiwi

See you back here again soon! 😀

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