#AmazingZespri Kiwi Products in Korea PLUS A Special Giveaway!

Last Sunday, I flew off for a sponsored trip to Korea, courtesy of Scoot and Golden Village, and caught the Asia premiere of Wolverine, came face-to-face with Mr. Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman and had him sign my poster (of him). 😀 Watch out for that blogpost…coming soon.

I know that Koreans are obsessed with beauty products and looking beautiful so I was rather intrigued by the many kiwi-related beauty products I found in Korea:

Kiwi Products in Korea

Besides the usual kiwi smoothies and drinks, there are kiwi cleansing foams, masks and cleansing wipes (and who knows what else)!!! It’s AMAZING!

I’ve once read from a magazine that celebrity Vivian Hsu is a fan of kiwifruit, eats kiwifruit daily and claims it has helped her skin become fairer. With this much Vitamin C (85.1mg per 100g of green kiwifruit, and 105.4mg per 100g of gold kiwifruit), it is no wonder Koreans are taking to these furry fruits as well!

Because you can easily find kiwifruit in stores near you, I thought I’d do a giveaway with some interesting kiwi items that you may not easily find. 😀


Innisfree Gold Kiwi mask sheets (5pcs) and a pair of green kiwi earrings! 😀

Gold Kiwi masks giveaway

To win a gold kiwi mask, simply state your name and email address in a comment below and I will be in touch if you win! 🙂 One of the 5 winners will also receive the pair of green kiwi earrings!

Hurry! This giveaway closes at 23:59hrs on Sunday, 21st July! 🙂



Congratulations go to:

1) Yeni Chin

2) Priscilla Yeo

3) Ling Ling

4) Fu Qizhuang

5) Jolene Wong

Please email gracewwg@gmail.com with your name and mailing address by 4th Aug, this Sunday, 23:59hrs! All prizes left unclaimed will be forfeited. Please double-check that your address is correct as I will *not* be responsible for lost mail! 

One of you will receive the green kiwi earrings! Who? You’ll find out when you open your mail. *surprise* 😀


64 thoughts on “#AmazingZespri Kiwi Products in Korea PLUS A Special Giveaway!

  1. I knew that eating Kiwi is good for skin, Thank for sharing with us abt Kiwi mask! Cant wait to try out the Innisfree Gold Kiwi mask sheets!
    That Kiwi earring is so cutie!
    email: baobei99@live.com

    Thank you Grace Tan for having such a lovely giveaway contest! Love ya~

  2. I like the Gold Kiwi masks and Green Kiwi earrings from Korea!
    Name: Ban Swee Tan

  3. After absorbing the essence from the mask, put on the cute green kiwi earrings, then out for shopping, wow… great one!

    Name: Ng Pei Fung
    Email address: pfng77@hotmail.com

    TQ 😀

  4. Name: Rei Foh
    Email: reifoh AT gmail.com

    It’s Kiwi craze for me this season too haha! THANKS for the giveaway, Grace
    ps: Lovely space here.


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