Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 9

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I totally missed this episode on Monday as I was overseas on a sponsored trip to catch the Asia premiere of Wolverine (any fans here? 🙂 ) but thankfully, I got to catch this episode on Saturday, 12.30pm. I think StarHub has 2 replays of each episode. So awesome right? 🙂

In Episode 9, we find out all about clothes (storage, selection and recycling matters). 🙂

Here are 12 tips from experts Keith and Kevin. By the way, I am SUPER impressed by Keith in this episode – for one, he demonstrates amazing fashion sense in the way he “recycled” old tees and made bags, tank tops and scarves out of them!

1) If you have big boobs like Kanny, avoid wearing tops with ruffles as it just makes your chest look more heavy and attracts too much (unwanted?) attention.

2) Repeated patterns and light colors have an “magnifying effect” on you and make you look even bigger than you really are, so pay attention to this if you are trying to find clothes which make you look slim. 😉 Even netting can work against you!

3) Have a ‘recycling’ box in your wardrobe. Each time you pick up an item that doesn’t fit you anymore, just drop it into the box, instead of shoving it back into your wardrobe. When the box is full, it means it is time to take it out and give the clothes away.

4) Arrange clothes according to color. You’ll get a visual reminder of which colors and styles you already own and it will help you avoid buying something similar. Great tip for saving money!

5) Every 3 to 6 months, you should do a spring clean of your wardrobe and throw out items you no longer wear.

6) Keep the original stuffing papers, not newspapers, in your bags to help retain their shape and absorb moisture. Newspapers may stain the inside of bags especially if the lining is of a lighter color. Store your handbags, etc, in the dust bags they come in.

7) Buy clothes based on your bust size, not your waist size if you are busty. After the purchase, send the clothes for alteration to pull in the waist, and make the entire outfit look ‘fitting’. If you purchase an item based on your waist size, it will just be really uncomfortable on top and too tight around the bust!

8) Buy silica gel and put them in dustbags with your clothes, to prevent the latter from getting moudly. To recycle the silica gels, put them in the oven for 15mins. You can only recycle silica gels a maximum of 5 times.

9) If you are always feeling cold, it is easier for you to get fat. Your body will start storing more fat when your body temperature drops so always keep a cardigan in your bag for when you are in an air-conditioned environment, to maintain your body’s normal temperature.

10) Use bright green, red, and blue accessories to enliven dull-colored retro/vintage outfits, e.g. a bright green cardigan over a brown vintage dress.

Lady First Retro Vintage Outfits

11) Always use dehumidifiers for your wardrobe, etc. And place one on EACH shelf! Remember to change them regularly too!

12) Keep track of which items you have instead of constantly buying so many of the same style or color, mix new items with older ones, and give away those you can’t wear anymore.

In this episode, Kelly brought some clothes that she claimed were passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then to her. She told the “stories” behind each dress – one was for her mom’s first job interview, etc. But for one particular piece that she said was tailored for her mother, I noticed that there was a clothes label attached to it. So I’m not quite sure if I should believe her story. Hmm…

Kelly's Vintage Outfits

In any case, I think Kevin did a great job in making Kelly look good, even though the dresses are ultra-baggy and in rather dull colors.

A very useful episode! I just wish Keith had more time to go through step-by-step for each tee-revamp he did! I have some old tees I’d really like to transform! 😀

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