The Asia Premiere of ‘The Wolverine’ and Meeting Hugh Jackman! :)

The highly anticipated movie, ‘The Wolverine’, will be screened in cinemas here starting 25th July, this Thursday. And… I’ve already watched it! 😀 All thanks to Scoot and Golden Village for flying me to Seoul to catch the press conference, meet Hugh Jackman, have him sign on my poster, and they even gave me a ticket to the movie premiere. Yes, I am super fortunate! 😀

I was one of three bloggers on the trip. The other two are Alvin and Regina. And there were also winners from contests run by Class 95FM, Y.E.S. 93.3FM, Scoot and GV as well. Joining us on the trip were two celebs – Jean Danker (so friendly and hot!) and Lim Peifen (super fair skinned and pretty!)


Picture from GV Movie Club

We have cute dimples! 😀

Me and Pei Fen

Me, Jean Danker and Regina:

Me Jean and Regina

You probably want to know my take on the movie, right? First up, I have to say that I was EXHAUSTED from the long flight to Seoul (with transit in Taipei) and the press conference early in the morning nearly killed me. BUT, I did not fall asleep during the movie, which was screened around 9pm. It was THAT good. Like Hugh said during the press conference, the movie has the action scenes, the romance, the twist in the plot, and lets viewers have a deeper understanding of this character.

The press conference room at Hyatt:


Press Conference Room

So many cameras, I lost count:

So many cameras

Me and Regina

I have to honestly say, though, that there’s perhaps no real need to watch the movie in 3D – nothing will be flying at you. Ha! Just saying. 😀

Here’s a trailer on Youtube:

I probably don’t watch enough movies ‘cos the ending really caught me by surprise – I totally had a “Isn’t he the good guy?!” moment. I don’t want to spoil it for you (I’m trying so hard not to give away too much of the plot!) so go watch the movie k! 😀

And oh… before the movie screening, there was a performance by a Korean band called ‘Dick Punks’. It just seems like a really strange name for a band and erm… quite unfortunate as well, because I found them rather ‘feminine’. (@_@) But the Korean girls in the audience just went CRAZY! Ok. I shall stop here. Don’t want to receive any death threats. 😀

And… Hugh Jackman signed my poster. Hehe! As part of the Singapore ‘contingent’, I got up close to Hugh, and got him to sign a ‘Wolverine’ poster for my giveaway. 😀

This is how close he came to all of us:

*I see at least one very excited fan! LOL*

Hugh Jackman

I’m giving away a pair of tickets and a notebook too!!!

Wolverine Giveaway

All you need to do to win 1 of these 3 items is to like and share my facebook post about this wolverine giveaway, and then comment back here on this blogpost with your choice of either the poster, notebook, or pair of tickets PLUS your email address! 🙂

Contest ends TONIGHT, 23:59hrs! Results to be announced TOMORROW!


66 thoughts on “The Asia Premiere of ‘The Wolverine’ and Meeting Hugh Jackman! :)

  1. Hi Grace Tan! I wish to win those three items, but if I have to choose, I will choose that pair of tickets… I would love to watch Wolverine! My email address is I’ll be waiting for your good news. =)

  2. Hi Grace,

    Am a fan of Wolverine, can I get the notebook please? Thank you!

  3. omg spoiler what “i thought he was a good guy” moment?!!?!?!! *AHHH* nuuuuuuuuuuu now i’m going to be doubting every single good guy in the showww graceeeee…. @____@ thanks for telling us there’s no need to watch in 3d though. i shall now try to brain wash myself into forgetting that little bit of information i read @______@ ….. that said… i’d love to win the movie tix!!! :X

  4. would love to have the poster so that i can hang it on my office wall !! wowee !!

  5. I want to win a pair of tickets. Want to enjoy this movie with my husband

  6. Hello Grace! I love Wolverine! I would wish to win the notebook from you please! Cheers and thanks!!


  7. Greetings, I wish to win the Wolverine notebook please ^_^ thanks Grace.

    ps. completed all steps, fingers crossed! =D

  8. Like and shared.. I would like to win the movie ticket so I can bring my darling out for a movie long deserved… Pretty please??

  9. Hi Grace,

    Have Liked Your FB Page + Liked & Shared This Post. Would Prefer The Movie Poster. Hope To Win. Keeping My Fingers Crossed. Thankx For Having This Giveaway – Something To Look Forward To 🙂

  10. my boyFriend is a big fan of the Wolverine movie! Hope to win the tickets & bring him to the premiere! 😉

  11. I’d love the poster! It’s so cool that you met Hugh Jackman! Thanks!

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