#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #2: Fruit Ninja Girls

My next kiwi creation (actually, creationS) is inspired by the Ninja Girls. Like me, they won a Blog Award this year. 🙂 We had also shot a video together before the awards, regarding our 3-minute makeup “skills” (or lack thereof). LOL!

Honestly, I am familiar with only 2 of the 4 Ninja Girls – Sakura (the ‘leader’ of the group) and Tsubaki [Totally not their real names! LOL!]

So it was, admittedly, a little tough trying to come up with kiwi creations based on these 4 ninjas. But I got a little help from their videos and learnt a bit more about the other 2 ninjas I have not really had the chance to get to know. 🙂

And the outcome:


First up: ‘Sakura Rocks’

Zespri Sakura Rocks

I did not use any alcohol for this drink. Just an isotonic sports drink I usually bring along on my runs. 🙂 There’s green kiwi at the bottom of the glass and strawberry bits floating near the top. I wanted this to symbolize Sakura’s dedication to what she does.

I had (innocently) asked her a question yesterday: “Have you raised your fees after winning the blog award?”

And her reply was “Haven’t thought about it yet… Anyway, we only do [i.e. make videos] when we are interested, so fees doesn’t really matter as you know :P”

I was impressed! So the strawberry’s bright red color represents the Ninja Girls’ PASSION towards blogging and vlogging and the green from the kiwi at the bottom represents the greenback (i.e. money). And passion always rises to the top! 🙂


*Dodge a few shurikens and POOF!*

Tsubaki’s Terrific Tea:

Zespri Tsubaki's Terrific Tea

I made a rosehip and hibiscus brew and added fresh strawberries, green kiwi and gold kiwi. The result is yummy and so refreshing! It’s a cold beverage too, as I’d added ice cubes! 🙂

I’m using this creation to represent Tsubaki because she probably takes a little bit of time to warm up to new people but once she knows you, she is just a whirlwind of fun, craziness, friendliness and… you will simply love her. She makes me laugh, even when she doesn’t say anything and just makes a funny face! 🙂

*And the next ninja appears!*

Zespri Ninja Sushi

Ninja Sushi inspired by Ran-chan

I’m not even sure whether I’ve met Ran-chan before. The Ninjas are super elusive!!! Anyway, Sakura made a video about 10 things she really likes about Ran-chan, and I realized the latter is a rather active individual (sports don’t faze her) and so I thought sushi would give her lots of energy for the day! 🙂

And finally…

OMG this is going to be funny!

I watched ANOTHER video Sakura made… about Yuri (whom I also don’t know whether I’ve seen before or not) and apparently, the other ninjas are envious of Yuri’s, well, ample assets. So… I made the… wait for it…

Boing Boing Sundae! 😀


Zespri Boing Boing Sundae


This one needs no explanation! 😛

Alright. Thanks for reading, folks! I hope you had fun! I certainly had a lot of fun kiwify-ing bloggers I like. The 14-day challenge is really too short! I still have SO MANY people I want to kiwify! But Thurs marks the end of the challenge. I’ll see if I can squeeze in one more post tonight or tomorrow! Watch out, world!



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