#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #3: Kiwi Amazeballs & The Tau Huay Incident

Once in a while, I will come across a blogger who impresses me with his/her work ethic and dedication towards blogging, and who then becomes an inspiration for me.

One such blogger is Daniel, the guy behind DanielFoodDiary.com.

(Psst! I’ve also featured Daniel in my upcoming book ‘Blogging For A Living’, you have to read it! Muahaha!)

After that shameless bit of advertising (ha!), let me tell you why I’ve decided to kiwify Daniel.

For one, he’s a blogger who sticks to his blogging principles. If you didn’t read or hear about the Tau Huay Incident, well, check out his blogpost here.

Secondly, I just love food blogs with good pictures and I thought the blogpost he submitted for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 (with a 60s theme) was really good. I actually thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t competing in the Best Food Blog category! 😀

On top of that, he dispenses the occasional nugget of wisdom if you happen to be on his Facebook friends list. Sometime in June, I commented on Facebook that I should start drawing cartoons for a blogpost (since 3 out of 10 finalists in my Blog Awards category are cartoonists) and just about everyone told me that yes, I should do that. Daniel commented with “Do what you do best”. And if you think about it, it truly makes sense.

Next year, I could be up against a world-class dancer, a champion bartender, or, say, that award-winning bodybuilder again. Am I gonna try beating them at what they are good at, or build on my own strengths? 😉

Inspired by this amazing blogger, I have created the Kiwi Amazeballs:

Zespri Kiwi Amazeballs

Yes yes, I know you are amazed. 😀

It’s really quite simple to make.

Firstly, blend kiwi juice. I used gold kiwis and green kiwis, and blended them separately. Then put them into this special ice cube tray and slot them into the freezer. Before you know it, you’ll have Kiwi Amazeballs, an original Grace Tan creation! 😀

Amazeballs MakerYou can eat the Kiwi Amazeball on its own – it tastes like a popsicle, or do what I did…

Daniel promotes AmaSoy on his blog and facebook page, so I wondered what the buzz was about, and I bought 2 drinks and the mango soy pudding yesterday.

And as luck would have it, I encountered my own Tau Huay Incident!

I went to the outlet at Nex and was told that they had run out of all toppings for the soy puddings!

So I ordered the mango pudding without the mango toppings, and went home and added my own strawberries and kiwi fruit! 🙂

I dropped the Kiwi Amazeballs into one of the drinks too. Guess which! Hehe!

Zespri Kiwi Amazeballs and Tau Huay

So there you have it. I suppose there are a hundred and one ways of working with kiwi, but there’s not much time left. The Zespri kiwi blogger challenge ends today. So do me a favor and like + comment on my Facebook Kiwi Amazeballs post, and help me gain points towards winning this challenge! 😀

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5 thoughts on “#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #3: Kiwi Amazeballs & The Tau Huay Incident

  1. Thank you for the amazeballs post. I never thought so highly of myself. In a way, perhaps I am like tau hway, simple, plain but comforting. lol.

    Maybe AmaSoy should do a kiwi pudding one day. Zespri are you reading this?

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