Interview with the founders of Haute Shuz Bar

I’ve always wanted to feature these ladies who are not just my shoe sponsors, but also young and ambitious entrepreneurs. 🙂 Allow me to introduce… Joycelyn and Jiawen:

Haute Shuz Bar Founders

(photo courtesy of Jiawen)

1) Why go into a shoe design and retail business, and what inspired those shoe clips?

We saw a market gap for versatile shoes that can take you from Day-to-night/ work-to-play. So the idea for detachable shoe accessories was conceived to give women the experience of ‘customizing’ their shoes to suit their moods. Our shoes come with detachable shoe clips and customers can also buy additional shoe clips to mix and match with their shoes to create different looks!

2) How does Haute Shuz Bar ensure quality control for each pair and customer satisfaction after each purchase?

We do a random quality check for the shoes & shoe clips to ensure good quality control. This means a sample size of the shoes are selected for each style to perform a QC when they are delivered to our warehouse for storage. We also have a return policy in place in the event that customers find the shoes not suited for them after purchase. Customers can follow the instructions listed on our website to request for a return.

3) Describe each business partner in terms of a type of shoe and how you work together as a team.

We work together as a team by leveraging on the strengths of each other to take up different roles in running the business.

If we were to pick a type of shoe that would represent our personalities, Joycelyn would be a pair of statement platform heels as she loves bright and contrasting colors that stand out. Jiawen would be a pair of peep-toes with a leopard print base – elegant and classy but with an edge!

4) What are your future plans for this business?

We hope to expand our business from an online shop to an actual retail shop front and also to expand our customer base to the rest of South East Asia.

Grace says: I have to thank these ladies for indulging in my shoe weakness and sponsoring many pairs of pretty heels. Sometimes I am even afraid of wearing those heels out ‘cos I have to field questions about where they are from, how much they cost and show people how those shoe clips work! LOL! I should just hand out business cards on behalf of Haute Shuz Bar and get some commission in return! 😀

If you’d like to do some shoe shopping, head on over to

They have some interesting new arrivals at very attractive prices, such as these Black Netting Heels at just S$39.90!


Happy Shopping! 🙂