My Thoughts About The 14-Day Kiwi Journey

*Update* I won the Zespri Blogger Challenge. 🙂 Check out what I’ve won… at the end of this blogpost!*


To describe the kiwi journey in one word, I’d pick “EXHAUSTING”!

By the time I returned from my Korea – Wolverine adventure with Scoot and Golden Village, almost half the 14-day Challenge was over. The other bloggers had been diligently uploading their blogposts every single day, and I had A LOT of catching up to do.

To tell you the truth, there was a lot of internal struggle.

I am juggling so many things at the same time – my book (it’s almost ready to print so there are many rounds of ‘final’ editing needed), other advertorials, reviews, etc. And I wondered if I’d have the time to put together kiwi blogposts I’ll be proud of.

Sure, I can do as some bloggers do – slice up some kiwi and add it to my cornflakes one day, yoghurt another day, ice-cream on the third day and maybe, my smoothie on the fourth day. But where’s the AMAZING in all of these? This is the AMAZING ZESPRI Blogger Challenge.

If someone has to be amazing, I’d rather that person be me.

Presenting to you, once again:

Kiwi Creation #1: Insane Rubix KiwiCube

AmazingZespri Insane Rubix KiwiCube

#2: Fruit Ninja Girls creations

Boing Boing Sundae

Zespri Boing Boing Sundae

Ninja Sushi

Zespri Ninja Sushi

#3: Kiwi Amazeballs

Zespri Kiwi Amazeballs

#4: Hello Kitty Kiwi Chocolates

Kitty Chocolates

Sweating Kitty

#5: Super Kiwi & Bikini Babe

Zespri Super Kiwi and Bikini Babe

Zespri Super Kiwi Smoothie

#6: ieat Polaroid Sandwich

Zespri ieat polaroid sandwich

While creating Super Kiwi, I accidentally sliced my finger and lost some blood. Shared about the accident on Facebook, and one commentor said “Not easy being a top blogger. You just gotta be a cut above the rest…” LOL! It’s true. You can either take the easy route and be an average or mediocre blogger, or take the tough route and be an awesome one. I’m voting for AWESOME!

Even if I don’t win the challenge, I want to be able to proudly show people these kiwi blogposts and say “I made these. Aren’t they amazing?”

To me, it is one thing to win, and another to actually deserve the win. I’m not taking my Singapore Blog Award 2013 win for granted, or resting on my laurels. I’m gonna keep getting better!

Thanks for joining me on my Zespri Journey, and more importantly, on my Blogging Journey!

To more amazing blogposts! 🙂



Here’s my prize:

Zespri Blogger Challenge Prize

Not quite worth the effort put in. But it helps me understand that the journey is of utmost importance. Sometimes, the view at the top / the destination may not be as awesome as you’d expected. So, in whatever you do, enjoy the process. 🙂


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  1. OMG Grace! Amazeballs la!!! where did u even find time to create such adorable kiwi art pieces?? Am waiting anxiously for your book! =)

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