Scoot: Stretch Seats & ScootBiz, Plus What Budget Airlines Don’t Tell You

As you already know, I was flown to Seoul to catch the Wolverine premiere, courtesy of Scoot and Golden Village. So I’m dedicating two blogposts to my awesome sponsors. πŸ˜€ First up, I’m going to share about my virgin experience flying Scoot.

The folks at Scoot are really too kind. They gave us Stretch Seats on the flight to Seoul and ScootBiz seats on the flight back. Meals were all taken care of as well. *whoots!*

And here I am with my Golden Village Movie Club cushion aka Mr Popcorn:

Golden Village Mr Popcorn

Fellow blogger, Regina, took this photo for me and you can tell how much legroom there is! The yellow seats are stretch seats, and you can compare these with the blue seats next to mine, with less legroom.

I got back to SG and told the fiance that I can no longer fly economy class, unless I’m getting these seats! πŸ˜€

On the flight back, there was even MORE legroom – enough for me to want to dance about (ok, no video to show you!)…

Pardon The Mess


An INSANE amount of legroom!

As you can see, it was an AMAZING experience – I’ve never felt so happy about flying with a budget airline. πŸ˜€

Here’s Regina stowing her hand luggage in the overhead compartment:

Regina in ScootBiz

I love the spaciousness. Enough said.

Also, we were each given a cup of water when we boarded the plane. Save for a hot towel and a snack, it could well have been a Singapore Airlines experience. πŸ˜€

And besides legroom, my next main concern when flying with low-cost airlines is the food they serve on the plane.

Our meals were pre-booked for us, and we had absolutely no idea what had been ordered till, well, when they were served to us.

First up was the Soya Sauce Chicken Rice (the combo included Pringles and a can of Coke)…

Scoot meal 1

I also ordered a mixed fruit cup – which at S$3, was the most value-for-money snack I found on the menu. πŸ˜€ I gave both the can of Coke and the Pringles to my fellow blogger. LOL!

The hot meals brought a satisfying warmth to the belly though they were not exceptionally good.

Scoot meal 2

We were given a sandwich on the return flight and I found it rather cold and not the best food for red-eye flights:

Scoot Roast Beef Foccacia Sandwich

When you fly via ScootBiz, though, one of the perks is that you get to pick whichever drink you want from the menu. When we took Economy class, the drink was the standard Coca-Cola (which I don’t drink). Flying by ScootBiz, I got both the Singapore Sling (so-so) and white wine (which I brought off the plane and gave to the fiance). LOL!

If you can avoid it, don’t drink alcohol during your flight. Instead, hydrate your body by drinking lots of plain water!

A small bottle of Evian mineral water costs S$4 while Badoit Sparkling Water costs S$5 onboard Scoot flights. I didn’t want to drink either of these so I asked the cabin crew if they could help refill my water bottle. And one of them told me about the water dispenser right next to the toilet in the middle of the plane. Woohoo!

It’s such a tiny dispenser that you will likely miss it unless you are looking for it. It has only enough space for those small plastic cups that come with your drink purchases onboard the plane. I used one of those cups to get water from the dispenser, then poured it out into my bottle. πŸ˜‰

Free water… and a lot of money saved. *wink wink*

Gonna blog about Mr Popcorn next, and how you can save money & get the best movie deals! Stay tuned! πŸ˜€