Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episode 10 & 11

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~ Episode 10 ~

In this episode, experts Clarence and Yi Lin teach us how to do the impossible – get our makeup and hair ready in 3 minutes (each). Interesting too is how the guests point out what Singaporean ladies do that is undesirable, such as stepping out of the house with (almost dripping) wet hair.

1) Wet Hair

Beware of complications like inflammations and in more serious cases, balding issues. If you don’t get a blowdry, what happens is that you will find your hair in clumps.

Dry your scalp with tissue:

Dry your scalp

2) Skincare not absorbed

Carrie put a filler concentrate on her face, and before it was fully absorbed, she put powder on.

What she could have done was to use a serum, then sunblock. And wait for a few minutes before applying her makeup.

Skincare can also be ‘mixed’ on your palm, so you’ll only need one application.

3) Oily Hair

Plastic combs aren’t good for long or dyed hair. Get a hairbrush with round plastic tips on the bristles. These won’t harm your scalp.

If you have a lot of hair, separate them into 2 layers before combing.

Comb the ends first and remove those tangles, then work your way upwards.

Don’t use oil on your hair, so as to avoid bad smells later. Your hair should be ‘light’ and ‘dancing’ in the breeze, instead of being in clumps.


4) No makeup, just falsies?

Going out with just your falsies on as “makeup”? It’s not enough! Use an eyeshadow, eyeliner and falsies – but cut your false eyelashes in half and stick them on only the outer corners of your eyes for a more natural look.

Is there a difference between using black eyelash glue versus white ones? No, black eyelash glue will also turn transparent so there’s really no difference.

5) Help a “Passerby”

Irene on lady first sg

Once again, the most “wayang” segment of this show. Kelly hits the streets, spots many ladies with little makeup who “brutally” reject her offer of a makeover, and finally “FINDS” Watsons blogger, Irene, in (woohoo!) a Watsons store. (@_@) Irene acts shocked at the offer of a makeover and “reluctantly” agrees.

Clarence used a BB cream to even out her skin tone. Then a lash curler, liner, mascara, fills in her brows and applies loose powder (in pink) and lipstick.

Pauline Lan makes a rather brutal comment in saying that Irene looks like an “auntie” in the ‘before’ picture. (@_@)

6) Hide messy bed hair under a cap?

Yi Lin advised Vee not to hide her natural curls and messy hair under caps due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather. She used a special hair spray on Vee’s hair which is supposed to remove moisture. She explained that this is necessary because wet hair will result in more obvious natural curls.

She also plaited Vee’s hair and completed the look with a hairband. 🙂

vee hair makeover

Final tips:

1) Clarence: Take care of your skin. And trim your eyebrows daily – just a few strands a day, and you can have a polished look everyday!

2) Yi Lin: All you need are good tools and good products and you can save a lot of time every morning when fixing your makeup and your hair! 🙂

~ Episode 11 ~

The experts on this episode are Keith & Kevin. I love this episode because it’s packed with useful information and great tips for sun protection and looking beach ready. 🙂

Lady First SG Keith Png Fashionable beach wear

Ready to step out into the sun? Here are 12 tips:

1) Sunblock now comes with SPF130 and pa+++. Use non-greasy sunblock so it doesn’t clog your pores. Use oil blotters to test – apply some sunblock on the back of your palm, then check how much oil gets transferred onto an oil blotting sheet.

2) You must apply a sufficient quantity of sunblock – about a 20-cent coin size. It may be too much for one application, so split it up in two applications and layer it on.

3) Use makeup remover (oil or emulsion) to remove sunblock as it is waterproof.

4) Let your eyeliner dry before opening your eyes (wide) to prevent smudging.

5) Apply mascara onto the roots of your eyelashes first and only try to lengthen the rest of your lashes on the second application. This is to prevent your lashes from getting too “heavy” from the mascara and drooping, instead of curling up nicely.

Lady First SG Makeup for UV Protection

6) TANNING: Three days before you head to the beach, exfoliate, so you can later get an even tan. Three days after getting some sun, use a snail secretion(?) mask – sticks to skin just like how snails stick to walls. It’s good for lightening scars too.

7) Kevin recommends a ‘self tan’ (in a can) which will last a week. This ensures you won’t suffer from sun damage. 😉

8) Use a mousse foundation – go for a shiny, not oily, look. Avoid too dark a color below your eyes or you will look old. Apply blush from the area near your ears to your cheeks ‘cos where the blush touches first is darkest, so you don’t want that on your cheeks. Eyeshadow: Apply from your eyes to browbone then bring the final stroke down the side of your nose for a contoured look.

Self tan

9) Besides your outfit and makeup, have a cute nail color too! Neon is ‘in’ these days. 😉

10) Carry a big bag – it can help hide your tummy or thighs *wink wink*

11) Folds down the middle of a tankini hides your tummy. Some tankinis can also help sculpt ur body too, like a corset.

Hiding Flaws Fashionably

12) If all else fails, throw on a cover-all top to hide all flaws. 😀

Now you are ready to head off to the beach! 🙂

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