5 Foods I Eat To Boost My Energy & Health

Sometimes I marvel at my own ability to accomplish the impossible in just one day. Like you, of course, there are times when I WISH there are more than 24 hours in a day so I can complete all the tasks I have set out to do!

Take for instance, that very CRAZY day last week when I did not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR kiwi creations:

Zespri Kiwi Creations

It may not look like much, at a glance. But imagine having to conceptualize, create, and eventually blog about all of these in just one day? I didn’t even have time for lunch!

When it’s a really hectic, crazy day, I count on these little fellas to help me out, in boosting my energy levels (so I don’t tire out easily) and in keeping me healthy (once I’m ill, no work gets done!)…

Five Foods for Health and Energy

(left to right: Bananas, Stephen James Organics energy bars and nuts, BRANDS essence of chicken, BRANDS InnerShine, Avocados)

First up, the fruits…

Bananas and Avocados

Besides aiding in bowel movements, bananas are great for that energy boost to get you through the day. A plus is that bananas are high in potassium and also help restore lost electrolytes after your workout. Bananas are also great for making delicious smoothies! 🙂

And avocados are one of my favorite breakfasts! A well-ripened avocado is super delicious. Avocados provide a lot of health benefits (just google it!) too as a plus!

And for those days when I just don’t have the time for a meal, or when I need a quick power-up, I count on my Stephen James energy bars:

Stephen James energy bars and nuts

I bring those bars with me everywhere! From plane rides to water rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark, to rock-climbing lessons! I just stick one into my pocket and gobble it down whenever I am feeling tired and/or hungry.

My favorite is the Organic Brownie Bar – it is amazing! You should go try one, seriously. They are available at most organic foodstores or you can simply purchase them online.

On the recent trip to Seoul to catch Wolverine, Scoot gave me Pringles and Coca-Cola at every meal. I passed those on to the blogger seated next to me (‘cos she’s a Coke and chips fan) and I survived on my energy bars, pili nuts, and good ol’ plain water. No loss, really! 😀

And don’t even get me started on the pili nuts, they are out-of-this-world delicious. You may have tried walnuts, peanuts, groundnuts, almonds, pistachios etc, but you have not really tried good nuts till you have eaten these pili nuts. It has an amazing buttery taste and the best part is that you can indulge without any guilt!

And of course, there’s BRANDS:

BRANDS products

I’ve always had BRANDS essence of chicken since I was a student. I’ve spent many sleepless nights armed with just chicken essence for battling my history texts! I majored in History at NUS, if you don’t already know. 😀 If you don’t have chicken essence with you at night, you are as good as dead when confronted by history texts which refuse to ‘come alive’.

Also, I’m actually drinking BRANDS Innershine for beauty purposes but the antioxidants in there are great for fighting disease!

Have you included any of the above in your daily diet? Leave me a comment below should you have any questions! 😀 Best question wins a box of chicken essence! <- Nah, I’m just kidding! But fire away! 😀