ELLE/Canon Beauty Journal Workshop

On Saturday, I attended the ELLE/Canon Beauty Journal Workshop at Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel. I’d earlier invited my friend and fellow blogger, Priscilla, to join me at the event as I know that she’s a scrapbooking enthusiast. And boy, was I right…

ELLE Canon Beauty Journal Workshop

Our beauty journals (put together in about an hour)…

ELLE/Canon Beauty Journals

I went with an ‘eyelash’ theme and Pris chose a ‘pastel’ theme. And guess what, she won the grand prize of a brand new Canon Pixma MG6370. She’s truly the scrapbooking queen! LOL!

I like my own beauty journal too because I think it is rather creative – I’d stuck false eyelashes onto the pictures printed out using Canon printers! Talk about 3D effect eh?

But Priscilla truly deserved to win as she not only drew those eyes and lips, AND colored them, but she also wrote down notes about the colors used, and her makeup inspirations!

So now you know what it takes to win a printer from Canon!

Next time I attend a Canon workshop, I’ll certainly be raising my game. 😉


Picked up some tips from makeup guru, Larry Yeo, regarding makeup trends for AW 2013:

1) Show some skin – balmed out, glossy glow, matte finish *Have amazing skincare!

2) Moody hazy eyes are in!

3) Strong, dark colors for eyes IF you can own the look!

4) Burnt reds for lips

Honestly, I think the above will be pretty hard to accomplish on my own. I need a personal makeup artist! 😀