Eunice Olsen launches portal ‘WomenTalk’ to uncover unsung heroines

Eunice Olsen & Grace TanI had the pleasure of meeting Eunice today, at the media preview of WomenTalk, a new online portal that Eunice has set up to champion and celebrate the social empowerment of Asian women.

There are 4 main features to this portal:

1) Featured women – interviews with inspiring women in Asia

2) Pages for the featured women – so viewers can get in touch

3) Crowd-funding: donations via PayPal to the women or the organizations or charities they support

4) WomenTalker: for viewers to submit their own videos of interviews with inspiring women [Sounds like something I could do!]

Eunice Olsen WomenTalk

Eunice shared that the portal,, seeks to get women to talk about what they are going through, and for other women to draw strength and inspiration from them. The portal seems to be a major milestone in Eunice’s life as she said that “my whole life is making sense… everything is coming together”. And she has put her money where her mouth is, in funding the eight videos for Season 1, despite initially setting out to launch only one video.

One main question, and the common thread, among all videos is this “What does empowerment mean to you?”

For Eunice, empowerment refers to the courage to take on what you really believe in, to stand up and speak out for it, the tenacity to see things through, and to be fearless of failure.

She credits her parents for not only being supportive of her endeavors but for instilling in her the notion that “If you talk about it, you better do something about it. Don’t just sit there and say it”.

I asked Eunice who she would want to interview if she could choose just about anyone (whether living or dead), and she picked Mother Theresa and Aung San Suu Kyi. I think that, like these women she has picked, Eunice demonstrates both compassion and courage. She has been actively involved with non-profit and philanthropic causes, and she’s taking a big leap of faith with this new portal. I certainly hope this new ‘baby’ of hers (after 2 years in the making) takes flight and becomes a huge source of inspiration for ladies in Asia and around the globe!

If you were to head over to now, you’ll find 4 videos (out of the 8 in Season 1) and among the featured interviewees are:

WomenTalk Interviewees

1) Ms Yip Pin Xiu, who was born with muscular dystrophy and lost the ability to walk by age eleven. Despite the odds, she won Singapore’s first gold medal at the Beijing Paralympics in the 50-metre backstroke finals.

2) Ms Lena Sim, who was abandoned by her parents after her birth and was raised by her grandmother. She has become one of Singapore’s most successful restaurateurs.

3) Ms Haslinah Yacob, a rape victim at age 18, who has now become an activist for rape victims, and is also the President of the Women For Equality Association in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’m a huge fan of interviews (especially those that really inspire and motivate me) so I’m definitely going back for more videos. You should head over too, and discover what ’empowerment’ means to you. 🙂