Book Hunt For S$1000 SK-II Products

*Important Update* Some people have told me that they can’t find my book in the bookstores. Will be getting my publisher to send more copies to the bookstores. Please CALL the stores before making your way down to avoid disappointment. Have the bookstores reserve a copy for you before heading down. *wink* 😀


As mentioned in my book, ‘Blogging For A Living’, SK-II is one of my favorite sponsors. And it is no wonder why as their products may be pricey, but they actually are worth every penny!

I’m pleased to give away S$1,000 worth of SK-II products to people who take part in my Book Hunt! 🙂

SK-II Giveaway

What’s a Book Hunt? Well, you’ve heard of Easter Egg Hunts, right? Mine’s a Book Hunt because I have a new book, and as a new (local) author, my book probably wouldn’t get a ‘prominent shelf’ in many bookstores, so you’ll really need to hunt for it! Plus, some bookstores may already have run out of stock of my book! 🙂

Here’s how the game is played:

1) Purchase my book, ‘Blogging For A Living’, from a bookstore near you.

Clarence and Blogging For A Living book

2) Snap a picture of YOU holding my book, AND a picture of the receipt with your name written clearly on it in either blue or black ink. [Keep your receipt for prize collection]

3) Send these two pictures to

Prizes: Facial Treatment Essence (x3), Facial Treatment Mask, Signs Eye Mask, Stempower, Cellumination Deep Surge Ex. Each item is worth over S$100.

There will thus be 7 winners! Depending on the response, I may also add more products to this prize list! 🙂 In fact, I want EVERYONE who takes part to win a prize. My promise to you: You’ll love this book (either for reading it yourself, or as a gift to a friend) and I’ll ensure you win something just for taking part.



Like all games, there’s the smarter way of playing the game. 😉

Instead of running around to all bookstores trying to find my book, you can simply… PICK UP THE PHONE! 😀 You can call bookstores to inquire if they have an available copy of my book, place a reservation, then pick it up. It is really that simple. And I’ll even give you the numbers for the major bookstores:

1) MPH

Raffles City: 6336 4232

PARCO Millenia: 6336 4232

Robinson Road: 6222 6423

2) Kinokuniya [website]

Singapore Main Store (Ngee Ann City)
Tel: +65 6737 5021

Liang Court Store
Tel: +65 6337 1300

Bugis Junction Store
Tel: +65 6339 1790

Jurong Store
Tel: +65 6430 0868

3) Times [website]

JCube: 66844150

Jelita: 6466 5702

Tampines 1: 6782 7017

Centrepoint: 6734 9022

Marina Square: 6334 4650

Paragon: 6836 6182

Plaza Singapura: 63368861

4) Popular Bookstores -> Full list of contact numbers HERE

So hurry, pick up the phone or head down to your nearest bookstore and ask for a copy of ‘Blogging For A Living’ now! 😀

This book hunt ends on 12th October, 2013, 23:59hrs. Send me your photos by the 12th! 🙂

Good luck, my dear book hunters! 😀

Blogging For A Living

*The Original Receipt MUST be produced for prize collection.

*This Book Hunt is currently only for people residing in Singapore. My book will be heading across the Causeway to Malaysia soon, so, Malaysian fans, hang on for a bit. You will get an equally awesome book hunt very soon! 🙂

*You may purchase multiple copies of my book and submit (multiple) individual entries for this book hunt. 1 entry = 1 chance to win an SK-II prize!

*For people in all other countries: If you’d like to purchase an autographed copy of my book, email me at [shipping costs will apply]


Update: Those who have already purchased the book from me do not automatically qualify to win these prizes. You actually have to take part in this book hunt and purchase a copy of the book from the bookstores (as a gift for someone else?).  Reason:

1) When purchasing from me, you get my autograph (hehe!)

2) I bear all postage and shipping costs

3) You don’t have to pay GST

4) You have likely gotten yourself entry into my blogging workshop for free (usual price: S$250)

So, thank you for the support! If you’d really like to win one of these SK-II prizes, do take part in the book hunt just like everyone else. 🙂

Thanks, everybody, thanks! 😀

*Final Update* I gave away a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence at my Meet-The-Author session at Kinokuniya today (12/10/13) to SY, the FIRST person to take part in this book hunt! 😀 All other winners will be contacted via email. Thanks for taking part!

*The Lucky Book Hunter – very camera shy*


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  1. Hi Grace,

    What if we purchase the book from you personally and not from the bookstores? Are we still qualified for this giveaway?

    • Hi Shannelle,

      Good question. Those who purchase the book from me don’t have to pay GST, I bear all shipping and postage costs, PLUS most of them get to attend my blogging workshop for free (usual price is S$250) so, simply, no, they don’t qualify for this giveaway UNLESS they participate in the book hunt and buy a copy of the book (for a friend, relative, etc). 🙂

      See you at my workshop on the 8th! *wink*

  2. Hi Grace! I’ll like to buy a book from you! And also an autograph please! Snap a photo with you as well!

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  4. Hi Grace , i would like to buy this book , but i’m at JB , how should i purchases this book from you , thanks ~

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