My virgin Taobao shopping experience with SGshop

I’ve never been a big fan of online shopping as I’ve had negative experiences of receiving items in the wrong size, defective items, ‘dead’ (unresponsive) sellers, among other online shopping woes. But Taobao proved too hard to resist and a quick check on Google for a Taobao agent pointed me to SGShop as the “most reliable & cost effective taobao agent” (their words, not mine).

So, how did my virgin Taobao experience go?

I had FULLY EXPECTED that some of my purchased items would not reach me, for one reason or another. And this is shocking…

ALL items reached Singapore’s shores safely from China! *clap clap*

I have no idea how SGshop did it but I’m grateful all these reached me safely…

My Purchases:

SGSHOP Taobao purchases

You already know about my infatuation with Hello Kitty so there it is. A gorgeous Hello Kitty vanity case, with a bling bling hairband on top.

Then there’s the instax camera case, 2 pairs of cufflinks, one Hello Kitty ring (hehe!) and 2 Hello Kitty pendants.

On your right are squash and tennis rackets (for the fiance and myself). 😀 So far, we have used the squash rackets twice. I’m not actually sure about the authenticity of the rackets (Wilson is supposed to be a “pricey” brand?) but they seem pretty good so it’s good value for money anyway.

Wilson tennis rackets

And the white fur cloth that all these items are sitting on is also one of my purchases. LOL! It comes in handy during photo-taking when I need to do a blogpost about a product review. 😀

So, how much did I pay in total for all of these PLUS their shipping costs to Singapore?


It’s not exactly dirt-cheap but I have no complaints ‘cos everything reached me safely and I really adore the Hello Kitty items!

So, here are some pros and cons with shopping with SGshop…


1) Great customer service – you get SMS notifications about successful credit top-ups into your account, when there’s a problem with your order (specifications, shipping, etc), when payment has been confirmed, when the order has arrived in SG, etc.

2) Very reliable – they checked all items for defects before sending them over to SG from their Guangzhou warehouse. There was no item I needed to send back at all!

3) Easy-to-use order system – I can type in English and communicate with SGshop staff instead of trying to figure out Chinese characters for what I want in order to communicate with sellers in China.


1) Items which are light but slightly bigger are charged according to volumetric weight (trust me, I had NO idea what this is. I learnt something new!) – if you want to know how this is calculated, check this out:

So, I really regretted purchasing the instax case – it comes in its original, small cardboard box, but interestingly enough, it was placed into a bigger box before being sent to me. I believe it’s to prevent damage to the original box, but I ended up paying more for shipping due to ‘volumetric weight’. The item is really light, but because of the space it takes up, I ended up paying more for shipping:

Instax boxNot cool. So don’t repeat my mistake. 😉

I do think SGshop can reduce its shipping fees further somehow, and I think it’s good to place your order when they are having a promotion, like now…

It’s their 2nd Anniversary Promotion…

(from the SGshop website)

Express air promotion:

5KG – 10KG: 10% Discount

10KG – 20KG: 15% Discount

20KG Onwards: 20% Discount

Promotion ends on 15th September 2013

*Also, share your shopping experience and stand to win one of fifty pairs of movie tickets to be given away!

Shop away!


15 thoughts on “My virgin Taobao shopping experience with SGshop

  1. Hello !! I saw products that I liked on taobao but because im new to such n there are juz soo many singapore agents, I would like to seek your advice on the agents.. Wondering if you have used others or Sgshop is the most reliable without further research? =)))


    • Hi Janice,

      Nope, I’ve only used sgshop’s services. In fact, I’ve recently placed another order via them. My first order went very well (as I’ve blogged about), hence I decided to shop via them again. 🙂 Let me know if you have tried other agents, and have any to recommend. 🙂

  2. hi Grace,
    Have you compare SGShop with TaoBao direct agent? (e.g. 4PX). I sees SGSHOP exchange rate is relatively low vs online purchase or via AXS machine top up? e.g. SGShop = 4.7 Direct / AXS 4.83

  3. i have personally use this for Singapore..just copy and paste the links in taobao and give them (You have to know Chinese) , they will order for you and ship direct to your house (Very good customer service)
    More for entertaining business customer that want to import more items to Singapore and sell(Bulk purchase)..they will quote me different shipping options and price after receiving at their warehouse (the shipping is very affordable compare to other agent i used before)

    For me, i buy over $1000sgd every month ..
    If i pay by posb credit card and buy myself, it will cost more service charge about 8% including exchange rate and i need alot of effort to communicate with seller in chinese)
    Their charge 5% is very reasonable for large orders

  4. Hi Grace, if I purchase via Sgshop may I know how could I prevent my purchased items from being placed into a bigger box before they are being sent to me? I wanted to avoid too much shipping cost 😦

    • Hi Ian,

      I guess you’ll have to avoid items which weigh very little but come in some kind of box ‘cos the company will just put it into another box with stuffing. Items like clothes and accessories are fine.

      Also, maybe include in the remarks section when making your order that you DO NOT want them to put the item in a bigger box, and that you are ok with accepting an original box that may or may not get dented during shipping. 😉

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  6. My personal experience with this shop is bad. After u made the payment, they may tell you that there is a change in pricing. Either you top up the shortfall or you can do a full refund via ag shop credit.

    That actually happened to me. The item I bought states that it is around $7 dollars. Subsequently, they emailed me that the price change to around $70 which is 10 times more!!

    I requested for a full refund as I think that is totally overprice( I can get it from gmarket or outside for $8) . They say they can do it as they had not made any order. But the refund will be only via sgshop credit. I told them that I wanted the refund back to my bank account as this is not the first time I encountered this from them.

    Customer service told me that this is company policy and refund is strictly only via sgshop credit. Told them that I will make a complaint but instead of pacifying an angry customer, customer service reply is “Up to You”. I wrote in to them via email, they chose to ignore me. For me is a bad experience and will not want to shop from there as there are so many better websites around. So just beware if you areshopping from there.

    • Hi Yujiee,

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. So far my experience shopping with them has been good. Sometimes they get me a better deal after bargaining with the sellers, and even reduce my buying price.

      If it’s a small amount, I guess it’s better you just keep it in your account for the next purchase. Imagine if you were to be charged an administrative fee for a refund to your bank account? Some companies do that.

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience too, but don’t try 65daigou. They are even worst. Look at how they reply me.

      we have checked with the seller on the issue who informed us that the chair is made by hands, so the difference at 1~3cm (Actually is 2-3cm for all side of the chair. They just less off 1 cm for the sponge protection) is a challenge to be avoided. And there is also measurements error due to different measuring methods as per seller, but he confirmed that the items you recieved is correct.

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