World Ventures: Scam Or Not…

You will not believe how many nasty emails and blogpost comments I have gotten from people who are upset with my blogpost about World Ventures. And I don’t even understand what there is to be upset about. It is just MY PERSONAL OPINION, for goodness sake! 😛

And guess what, now, instead of 5 reasons why I refuse to join World Ventures, I have just one reason:

Some people in WV are plain NASTY!

WHY would I want to be associated with them?

[Having said that, I know there are good people in WV too, ok?]

IF you are HAPPY in WV, and making good money, and enjoying your WV holidays, I am happy for you.

IF you are UNHAPPY in WV, not making good money, and not enjoying the holidays BUT you keep trying to recruit people into WV just so you can profit from these ‘downlines’, I think that’s just despicable.

And if you think I will publish your nasty comments, think again. Either write something that sounds logical, with no personal attacks, and be the voice of reason OR you and your comment will simply end up in ‘trash’. 🙂

I find it incredibly funny how some people will spend so much time crafting a super long comment or email to me, only to have me hit ‘delete’ without even reading the whole of the first paragraph. 😀

*All comments are moderated, people!*

Whether World Ventures is a scam or not, I’m not joining. The End.

Update: One WV dude left me a comment that I just HAD to blog about ->


71 thoughts on “World Ventures: Scam Or Not…

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  2. One of the guy I dated (? friend?) kept posting his happy pictures with the blue banners and his exotic vacation to Jamaica.. Well… on our second date (?) he took me to this “amazing thing” that he refused to tell me anything about. I literally begged him to tell me what the hell was I in for but he did not. It’s an understatement to say that I was extremely disappointed as soon as I realized what the hell was it all about and the presentation began. I felt insulted to think that this guy actually thought I was that stupid and he was himself so naive to fall for this shit.

    I literally had to endure and keep my cool during the whole seminar (plaster a fake smile through out so as to not offend him) and I just wanted to roll my eyes and leave the whole time… I am sorry for being judgemental but I felt like I sitting in a huge crowd of STUPID (cheering and clapping like they were trained to do that)… because I believe that people who fall for this dream life make quick money scheme are just not that smart.

    All those testimonials seemed fake and annoying to me. I am happy to work 9-5 HONEST job where I work hard and use my education and skills to earn respectable money. I DON’T WANT to retire in my 20’s because then what the hell will I do? Travel the world and eat and poop? What kind of life is that? Why not do something productive, contribute to the society and actually EARN a good life? I was beyond annoyed and actually INSULTED because this was not my idea of a romantic second DATE!! I blatantly refused in the end and I literally laughed (I kept shaking my head throughout, refused to even give it a thought) at my date and his friends’ attempts to persuade me. They were being so friendly and sweet when trying to convince me but when I made it absolutely clear that I wasn’t buying this shit, the friends’ became kind of nasty…

    They even tried to introduce me to the big-shot money makers (young 18-19 year olds) I wasn’t interested at all. Like seriously he took me there and said to this girl that I have a question to ask her. I said hello and I told her.. I have no question for you. I just don’t buy this crap. Lol… I guess I offended them but whatever.

    My date actually looked a little sad but he took me for dinner later. I just felt sorry and more than that I felt DISAPPOINTED to realize that this is not the kind of man for me at all… one who shies away from actual hard work, education and chooses to be a slave of a company and wants to become rich and retire young… make money off “friends.” …

    I later realized that all the picture on facebook and vacation pics included the same group of friends who I saw at the seminar.. desperately holding the banners and trying to look happy. I just lost respect for all that immediately… I am so sorry that companies like this find preys.. (vulnerable people) young men who want to be rich and become Donald Trumps quickly… not realizing how unethical and stupid the whole thing is.

    The sad thing is that I actually liked the guy but he was too busy with his “team meetings” and “accelerated training” thing and it totally turned me off… I wish he was busy working at an actual job or studying or doing something more productive and not just being a salesman for a company.. following a brain washed herd fooled into believing that they would someday win a BMW? *sigh* I also think he lost a little interest as soon as he realized that I wasn’t going to fall for this. And I thought he liked me for me *sigh* it was all business!

    People who are already a part of this will never admit if it sucks because it’s admitting failure, it takes a lot of gut to say I failed. You have to think and understand their psychology.. I applaud ex-members who admit openly that they realized their mistake instead of desperately trying to justify this…

    Come on, you have to hide things from people to get them to join this.. rush them into making rash decisions then you are obviously doing something wrong, maybe not illegal but definitely not something a friend would do to you.

    That’s all. My rant is over.

    • Sammy and Grace,
      This is actually so much later,but I can see your viewpoints. Yet, there is other info that is not just being “sucked in, victimized. ” I may only stay a member for a year if all what I am learning now does not hold true for me….Yet I know that my membership $$$ for that year will be returned to me via credit dollars for travel plus supporting some excellent nonprofit schools and programs for children. I also can plug into Rovia (WV members only) and tell them where, what and how I want to travel and they will research and give me a program at best possible costs plus any possible perks and discounts and credit $$ I can utilize that 1:1 match to what I’ve paid in. It is that they actually are helping me save for travel which I do enjoy. I do not have to do the “DREAMTRIIPS.” Yes they definitely are encouraged. So what? I’m also a camper and like to often have nature-eco travel. Can it help me with that? Yes.

      They mainly do comparison work to give you a better rate than other search engines. I try other areas and last week just knew that they could not match what I had done on my own with a one of a kind historical hotel owned by private people as I got a 50% discount with a fabulous brunch attached, I made the reservation and the hotel informed me to hold it I had to pay in advance and would only be able to receive a raincheck if I cancelled. No $$ once it is reserved would be returned. Later, a WV friend went on Rovia and showed me had I done it through WV Rovia, it was not only $12 less with brunch also, but I did not have to pay in advance to hold the reservation. I could pay on arrival!!! If I cancelled 24+ hours in advance, I would be charged $11.40 vs raincheck only. I don’t know what connections these people have, but it would have made much more sense for me to have booked via my travel org…worldventures and Rovia. From now on I no longer believe not to check first.

      I have nothing against work, but I want to work making $$ from what i’m passionate about and want to be in the world and do not feel that I should be trapped just to make $$$. If you love what you are doing, it isn’t Hard work. It is not always easy to make a living at what you want to really accomplish in this lifetime. I believe that you can see and do what you want easier if you utilize worldventures in your own way. Another member told me that she would like to give her home to her son and really wants to live in Hawaii doing her massage business for awhile that she loves using this healing modality with others…WV has made this possible. I know another woman who was able to quit a job she did not fit in with and found one she is happy with and she also credits WV with the ability to move on because it helped her change her perspective on what is possible.

      Sure, I don’T care for the sales hype; get rich quick talk that I’ve heard from some members and also know that that is not why I joined. Many of these people may be disappointed as that still takes aIot of work. Is it their passion? Perhaps they want to help others do their “bucket List.” I want my work to be with the arts, but I also like the lesson of possibilities and use it in my teaching jobs.

      It is an MLM, not a pyramid scheme. Most businesses that have employees have a pyramid system. When there is no viable product, it is a pyramid scheme This travel program can actually help some people travel to places they normally would not because they could not afford their dream and they can help out in the world with children while they have more fun and joy in life.Perhaps their passion in life is to get others to travel. Many people believe they have to make a choice between the two. Perhaps, you need to research the possibilities this MLM can be utilized for whether you are a business member or not. Perhaps you need to ask that guy why he joined and what his expectations are instead of judging him. Perhaps, you are not a match for him? We all design our reality. To me, Worldventures is simply an extension of this. People who become “victims” perhaps need to back up and look again. They don’t have to be. It’s a choice.
      I hope you do not perceive me as a ranting member, trying to prove that I didn’t make a mistake. I just do not believe I am a victim, so why should you.? It is working for me as I want so far.

      Sincerely wishing you the best for the positive you want to give the world!
      Loni Todoroki

    • Hi Loni,

      If it is working for you, great. I have already said that YES, WV works for a tiny, select group. So, congratulations.

      It is NOT for the majority of folks.

      Can we all be happy WV travelers, quit our jobs and be “Professional Tourists”, wave blue banners and all? You and I both know it is a ‘no’.

  3. Hi sammy,

    i realized how dissapointed you must have been since u like the guy. I guess it was his fault that he took you by surprised by taking you on a presentation without telling you about it in the first place.
    As a worldventures rep, i think of the business itself kinda differently, i am an entrepreneur ( own a solid manufacturing business), a housewife (mother of 3) and financial analyst (i traded stocks, money market and all those sort of things) . Just sharing my opinion, i think everyone can succeed in any business when they really work hard and put a tons lots of effort. The same thing apply in worldventures, we dont earn money just by sitting around and taking on vacations, ( i guess all the top income earner are doing that now) but in the beginning of it, its just the same as all the rest of us here. i am a non believer of easy money,and i always tell my team that you have to hard or smart if you want to be rich.

    Anyway i am not trying to recruit you since i know its not your thing, and you do love your 9-5 job. but honestly some us really enjoy the vacations, truly having fun, meeting new friends and earning money. 🙂

  4. Hi Sammy,

    I attended a World Ventures meeting yesterday with the impression that the meeting was about something else. Firstly, the rep entered the room and did not even introduce herself. Then she played a pointless DVD showing everyone holding those blue signs with fake smiles on their faces in Cancun, Mexico followed by a clip of the owner/partner of World Ventures trying to entice his viewers to invest in this business idea. The moment the video began, I was not impressed at all. The first thing that came to my mind was “this is just too good to be true”. You know how the old saying goes: “If it is too good to be true, it probably is”.

    My fiancée and I sat down quietly and listened to everything the rep had to say. They entice people by stating that if you were to get 6 people to join your network, they will waive all initial fees whilst earning a bonus. Then she gave both of us a sheet of paper describing the minimum and maximum profits that a person can potentially earn from that business idea. It ranged from $99- 1.7m annually. What I found very amusing, was the fact that below that model, was a disclaimer stating that the failure of the business does not rest on World Ventures themselves, but the individual. A bit worrying…

    She then proceeded to tell us that she has traveled so much since joining World Ventures and that she gave up her job and this is all she does. Then, as any other commercial would do, she dropped two “Celebrity” names stating that they are both members. Celebrities, who in my opinion, are E-list celebrities, and are probably looking for a quick way to make money. We questioned her on where our profits will be coming from but she could not answer us. It all just felt so wrong. I could smell a scam from a mile away. We attempted to take a copy of the business model away with us and she quickly requested them back. She then told us that we need to go on the website and get our own or become members and get the CD in order to gain more info. The thing is, if you are attempting to sell a product, how can you send your customers away empty handed? We had nothing to reflect on, even IF we were interested. I find this whole thing to be a bit secretive. We declined the offer and decided to do some research. Here’s what we found:

    1. To my surprise, when I typed “World Ventures a scam” into google, my webpage was bombarded with comments actually defending the company. It seems as though this company tries very hard to hide any negative comments or stories about this business idea. But that did not phase me. I weeded through the results and found several people who felt the same way as I did.

    2. World Ventures appears to be a “Pyramid Scheme”. According to Wikipedia, a “Pyramid Scheme is “an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public”. This means that in order for you to make a profit, you must recruit people to join and only the people at the very top benefit from this business model immediately. I have read stories of former reps who have warned people to stay away as it is not a fast way to make money and it will take years of you investing in order for you to see SOME profit, if any. You will actually LOSE money.

    3. Apparently, the vacations that world ventures offer aren’t even that cheap. In most cases, you can find vacation deals that are much cheaper than what world ventures has to offer.

    4. Our rep kept talking about how much she has traveled, but only mentioned one place: Mexico. She had no proof of ANYTHING. No proof of all the places she has traveled, no pictures, no proof of how much profits she makes.

    • Tara,

      Thanks for including the definition of a pyramid scheme. You’ve just illustrated why WorldVentures (and many other things people write off as scams) is NOT a pyramid scheme. They offer a product (DreamTrips Travel Club membership). The profits come from sales of the product, NOT from recruiting members, although recruiting makes you eligible for bonuses. In other words, you get paid for your results, not your time.

      It is absolutely a sustainable business model. The industry of network marketing is not for everyone, but it has been called the “perfect business” by experts who mentor the most successful people on the planet (specifically, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book ever on building wealth: Rich Dad, Poor Dad). Also Donald Trump owns a network marketing business, and Warren Buffet owns THREE, one of which is Pampered Chef. Do you think Pampered Chef is a scam? How about Scentsy? Mary Kay? Avon? Are those scams? WV is the same type of business.

      You say that “apparently” the vacations aren’t that cheap. If you’re a member and you find the exact same vacation even a penny cheaper (same dates, same itinerary, etc.), WV will reimburse you for the vacation. So they put their money where their mouth is. If there is anyone offering these vacations at a lower price, you’ll get yours free. How’s that for a good price?

      When you googled WorldVentures, there’s good reason why you had to dig to find negative stuff about the company. The entire travel industry is watching the company and has bestowed on it some pretty prestigious awards.

      Just setting the record straight 🙂 Like I said, this industry and company aren’t for everyone, but for the ones who decide to run with it, it can be a way to add a stream of income or just to have fun, meet people, and get some world class training and personal development.

      Love to all.

    • Phew! When one writes well, it is well explained and highlighted and thanks for this article that set the record straight.

      There is cliche, “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” and IMHO, its only when someone gets entrench in the business or walk the talk with it, then they have a right to make a judgment about the business opportunity or the company that are being discussed here. If done otherwise, he became a Dream Stealer or someone who rob another person’s dream of intending to try out the Network Marketing business or even Worldventures!

      God speed to your Success!

    • So, getting harassed by WV reps and threatened by a WP rep cannot make me qualified to pass a judgement on WV? OK!

      Yes yes, I am a Dream Stealer. If you are a get-rich-quick WV rep, I will confirm, 100% guaranteed, steal your dream. So stay away!

    • I’d just like to say that with everything, there is always a negative side! You want to buy a Toyota car and you tell 10 people? I guarantee you someone will say choose Mazda or Nissan!!! I drive a Honda and I’ll get defensive when people say, get Toyota! I don’t want Toyota!!!!! The thing about World Ventures is they want you! So, you travel using them, they will go out of their way to make you feel special and wanted – no other travel agency in the world that can do that! I know someone who went to Malaysia and received a call on their 2nd night from HQ asking if they were happy with everything!!!! In just one trip, you will save your joining fee! Pyramid? OK, that’s an interpretation and its ok but we know really its not as the bottom people can and do make money as long as they work it! A normal company with a CEO is a pyramid but that’s fine – its people’s interpretation! I find people who are not happy are one of two groups of people! A – they joined and did not work the business B – they never joined in the first place!!!!!!!! Its not a get rich quick scheme – its a 2-3 year plan to make it work!

    • In reply to Sammy, Tara and Grace.

      First to Sammy, hi Sammy I am really sorry that a guy took you along too that seminar I can honestly say he is a douche I would never take someone I am dating “even if it was the 20th date” to a seminar, but on the whole you think people ” and I am not quoting here ” but you think people that don’t EARN there money in a 9 to 5 job are just worthless? I want to ask you a serious question now… If you won the lotto would you just give it all away and work your job or would you live the rest of your life loving the fact you can do the things you want in life? But I am writing this because yes this may surprise you but I am in World Ventures I will never force anyone to join or even leave subtle hints for people to ask on Facebook what was amazing, I don’t have a picture that says wish you where here and I don’t abuse or dislike anyone that’s not in it everyone has there own opinion but I just want to say ontop of all this I have been with world ventures for a little over 2 months now I have made more then I have invested in the company for a bit of work and by a bit maybe if we work it out to pay per hour of work I have put in only about $10 an hour so really not much but I will see how it goes from here i also work 4:30pm till 1:00am 5 days a week just because we are in world ventures does not mean we didn’t work hard to get big….. If we do that is.

      Thanks for reading if you did Sammy

      And Tara hey there I am also very sorry you had to go to a seminar obviously run by someone that thinks all potential clients/downliners (whatever people refer to new people as hahaha) are just objects to feed her wallet and she was probably so stingy she wanted her copy’s back because they cost her a whole 5 dollars each so yea forget her haha but please don’t think I am trying to get you to join because I never want to ask people to join me or world ventures if someone wants to join they will. But it’s not such a bad company if you put time into it the main reason I joined is because I have worked since I was 14 and when I hit 16 I worked 38 weeks while schooling and later uni but I have not stopped working since then, but back on track 😆 I joined because yes a friend asked if I wanted to I said no at first he kept trying I said don’t ask me till I find out some info and I don’t know how you had to dig for bad info on World Ventures it was throwing itself out of my phone at me hahaha but I read some good stuff aswell and can confirm some of that good stuff as someone that replied to you has said. But I joined because I have never had a holiday since I was 10 ( my dad took me to dream world and all the other theme parks on the Gold Coast ) and I thought maybe it’s my time to start enjoying life and travel a bit I am 24 nearly 25 and haven’t been out of my country but World Ventures has helped me and yea that’s my point lol I know I drag on but thanks for reading and I wish I could pay you back for the drooling hours you had to endure at the hands of a robot 🙂

      And now grace… Hi there I made this WordPress thing just to say I am sorry you had to deal with a mob of retarded WV people I don’t know if you can block people haha or even people in WV but if only there was a way to block the retarded ones I like what you said I want these people to jump of there boat with there blue signs and swim from there cruise that they got for nothing lol, these kinds of people give people like me that enjoy the company and the few perks that I get from being with them and having people in my team and I know you are not pointing your finger at anyone in WV and saying ” you are the spawn of satan’s telemarketers ” but yea I just want to say if I could report those people and some how get them in trouble I would hahaha I love being in WV I just moved to a new town for work and didn’t know anyone but now I have heaps of friends that I hang out with every weekend that I met through WV.

      But that’s my piece said I hope you all have a wonderful day now that I made you read a novel and I am sorry to everyone that has those annoying friends on Facebook that message/tag/spam there wall with stuff to try to get you to join be happy in your life and just block all posts from them hahaha enjoy your day 🙂

    • Hey CornCob,

      People just want cheaper travel, and not to “work hard to get big”. You understand that?

      If you enjoy hanging out with people who wave blue banners, good for you. Just leave the rest of us alone ok?

  5. tq for they are rushing to Malaysix which rules and regulations of MLM didnt updated for a few decades.. ( since independence maybe or before) I am very sure Taiwan and Australia they can go in..but will have more consumer rights or society to face with… jack it up.

  6. i just join in worldventure two days ago, as seeking the commons above, i am questioning myself: have i make a good choice? what to do now, i already paid the fee using my master card, can i take my money back?

    • Hi Felicia,

      Perhaps speak with the person who roped you into WV? Since you have already signed up, and if you have not had any bad experiences with WV, then your experience may be different from those in comments here.

  7. Martin, South East England, UK
    If you are in UK, you have 7 days to send an email to TEXAS headquarters saying 2I wish to CANCEL my contract with WorldVentures. Give your customer ID# and those of your sponsor and you should get your money back on your credit card in 5 days or so. Due to exchange rate fluctuations between GBP and USD I actually got back more than I paid, which is better than 80%of reps in a whole year, lol.

    • Hello,

      I sent it to

      I wrote the following;-

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I hereby give notice that I wish to cancel my contract with WorldVentures.

      My Customer ID# ********

      My Name and address is;
      Mr Martin Goode and Mrs ***************.
      *******************, Crawley, West Sussex.
      *******. UNITED KINGDOM.

      My Worldventures Representatives are;
      ****** and ****** *******. Representative ID# ********

      Contract signed on 21st October 2013. (10/21/2013)

      I understand that all monies paid at time of contract purchase will be refunded in full.

      Notification to cancel (this email) sent on 27th October 2013. (10/27/2013) which is within the 7 day cancellation period.

      Thank you,

      Mr Martin Goode.

      They refunded the money back to my card n about a week.
      Hope you get your money back too.



    • Tank you, Martin
      I gave them a notice already,
      Did you get any answer via email,
      Because I got just an automaised answer that they’ve got my email,and they are creating an issue #…, and their team will check and let me know!

    • Hi Ivaylo,

      yes that’s the same as me. The issue created is conformation of your request.
      You should get your money back soon.



  8. Singaporean here. First heard about World Ventures a year ago. Friend brought me, I sat through the explanation explaining why having all your downlines expanding along one “leg” until you recruit 4 people was the “fastest way to achieve payout(not the exact word) for the most number of people” “assuming that you recruit a friend a month and a friend recruits a friend a month” and that it was “something that their group had worked out”.

    Looked at explanation (along with the illustration they drew), pointed out that it wasn’t the fastest way, and proceeded to draw out a system that was faster. My friend looked at it, couldn’t find any way to rebuke it, and eventually after a couple of people were asked who got stumped(or confused), I got shuffled to an upline who said that “your way does look better on paper, but have you actually tried out that system in the real world”, and that theirs was tried and tested. I pointed out that they had been going on about this unbeatable system that their group had supposedly spent a long time working out and how it was the fastest and had been quite ready to prove it on paper whereas I was just a single guy, had only seen their stuff just minutes ago, and pretty much just pulled something out of my ass that worked better than theirs (albeit on paper)

    I did eventually sign up, to support my friend, as apparently he was almost at 4 recruitees, which would have meant he no longer had to pay. Got fed up with being sent stuff that I was not in the least bit interested in though, and tried to cancel my membership. Attempted this a few times, without success, through various channels on World Venture’s side, and then got fed up again and just approached my bank instead.

    And before I forget. I don’t know you but I just want to say you go, girl!

  9. Hi..hope u all can assists me..I just cancel my membership but is not within 14 days, they refused pay me back..any one can tell me how should I do so I can get back my money, I agreed they will charged me cancellation fees but now they don’t even reply my mail.
    Please help!

    • Hello,
      I think you may have trouble. Although did not maker it clear at the time they signed me up, under UK law, you have up to SEVEN days to cancel a distance selling contract and by law they MUST refund you all your money immediately. Not sure what the laws are in your country but as an outsider looking in it seems t me that you may well have lost your money. The company operates in a unethical way and once they’ve got your money they absolutely don’t give a damn……………just saying!

      Good luck with your protests.


    • Hi SL,
      As Martin pointed out, different countries have different laws, and you haven’t mentioned which country you are from. If it’s Singapore though, you are protected under CPFTA if you cancel within 5 working days and they are required to refund. If you were misled or deceived, or kept in the dark about something that would have affected your purchase, you are also protected under CPFTA.

      But, since we hardly know anything at all about your situation, we won’t be able to “assist” you unless you give more details.

  10. Hi Martin and iakul,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I’m from Malaysia and got to knows this WV on 29th Nov, by the time I sign up I did not have any form for me to fill in just a blank paper with the aunty handwriting with those personal information. I have ask to cancel it after 12-13 days if not mistaken but she didn’t reply me after a day she just msg me with a photo attach ask me to cancel myself. From the photo attach I only get to knows WV will have 14 days cooling off period which will full refund on cancellation.
    Too bad my date to cancel is over 14 days and WV refused pay me even single cents, I have email them inform that I yet to claim or enjoy any benefits but the reply still the same that policies will only refund within 14 days. I even asked them to transfer my so called reward points to my friend which is also WV member as she agree, they still refused.
    I have checked with Malaysia Consumer Department that WV can only charged me on certain administration fees but not full charge, I have tried email them on this issues since Wednesday but no reply until today.
    One of my friend told me that I can request dispute from my credit card issuing bank for this transaction but she not sure whether I can get the refund or not.
    I just hope to get back the money.

    • Sounds like there will be a big struggle ahead for you I fear, I hope you get your money back but even if you don’t the amount you would have ended up paying out if you had stayed would be a lot more, but you would most likely NEVER have made any commissions to cover your outlays. Think yourself lucky you escaped before you lost not only your money, but your friends, family and self respect as well.

    • Hi SL,

      If you used a credit card, you can request that your bank reverse the charges. The point of contention would be that you did indeed ask to cancel your subscription within 14 days and that World Ventures “conveniently” dragged out the whole process till your cancellation date excelled the 14 days period.
      1) World Ventures has to acknowledge that you requested to cancel within 14 days and refund you
      2) World Venture is selling a product that requires you to request to cancel earlier than 14 days, which is not the product that you wanted to buy, and therefore they never delivered the right product to you. Since the right product was never delivered to you, they are committing fraud and shouldn’t be charging you, and your bank will reverse the charges.

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    • Thanks for sharing. The video quality isn’t too good, and the spin-around part was awful. This is the EXACT kind of trip that is a nightmare trip, and not a dream trip, for me. My “dream” trips don’t have people waving blue banners, and is not based on me con-vincing people to join an organization.

    • Happy CNY Grace!

      I think Worldventures members are trying to impress you or intimidate you into writing good things because your blog ranks top 5 in google search term “Worldventures”.

    • Hi Sophia, I’m not going to change my opinion of WV, especially after some very rude comments from them. 😉 They can continue pestering me, and I’ll continue blogging about them. 🙂

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  13. Hi Grace, I chance upon your blog via Google Alert and must say that you must be one angry blogger out there especially with this travel and lifestyle company called Worldventures. I am not here to defend or argue about the issue but hopefully some of my pointers here will be of use to the community who are reading this blog including yourself.

    First off, I am also with Worldventures for sometime now and I am still paying my monthly subscription to be entitled to the DreamTrips or discount that the ROVIA Travel Booking Engine provides and I still have NOT make any money from my activity with the business opportunity yet, does that mean that the business is failing me or I have failed?

    My reason for staying with Worldventures is personal but my belief about the Network Marketing business is as strong as ever.

    1. Conventional Business or Network Marketing Business or even Blogging is the same in the eye of the person who want to succeed with that venture. The cliche “One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison” is so true. You can never satisfy anyone. If everyone believes that Network Marketing works then there will be no one to cover the other jobs in the industry BUT that is just not possible! Besides, like Internet Marketing, this industry has produced more richness (to the serious doer) then conventional workers or businessmen. Do some research and you will know why.

    2. You don’t know what you don’t know. Unless you have been in the trenches, similar to your blogging activities, you do not know everything about the travel industry or the worldventures company. Have you ever taken a dreamtrip yourself with those known trips in US or Europe and then compare it with other existing third party providers, else how can you quantify that it’s more expensive basing on a single maldives comparison? Regarding your blogging activities, do you think that everyone out there believes that Blogging can become a career? I’m sure there are many people out there screaming that blogging to make money is a waste of time and effort, especially when they had invested money to learn it. It’s a chicken and egg answer, isn’t it?

    3. Unless we are leader with the respective company or branding, who are we to say that the leadership of a networking company is bad, lousy or ineffective? Yes, there may be some who are the rotten apples but to ‘kill’ or ‘tarnish’ the company or industry because of those individuals shows our naivity. It’s might even look bad on your part as it seems personal (you have the right anyway) and unprofessional. You could have just hurt some of the your interviewers who were already affiliated with Worldventures too! Is it worth it?

    4. Whether it’s Network Marketing or Internet Marketing, there is a reason why it’s exist in the first place. Some people will make it and most will fail as we know it but it boils down to the individual concern. I have always tried not to be a Dream Stealer with the article I wrote about and whenever possible, avoid personal attack at all cost unless it’s really proven by the community that a venture is deemed as Scam or Fraud.

    My apology if I have offended you in anyway but as a learning blogger myself, I love the way you created your blog and admire your success which is an inspiration for me. May you be bless with abundance always!

    • Hi William,

      YES, it is absolutely INFURIATING that there are so many who join WV and leave really nonsensical comments here.

      First up, YES, I do think that it is CRAZY to be paying fees to be entitled to a discount. Hello??? If you have not made any money, that is your own business, really. If you have not gotten discounted travel on trips you REALLY want to go for, with or without WV, and you keep paying fees, then… maybe see a brain doc?

      I do think network marketing works. But not for everybody. Certainly not for you, as you have already shared.

      It’s not just based on a single Maldives comparison. I was TOLD that AFTER I join, and I manage to find a cheaper fare outside of WV, I get to go on the holiday for free. THAT WV MEMBER DID NOT COME BACK TO ME AND SAY HE WENT ON A FREE HOLIDAY. WHY? He is already a member AND I had shown him how WV fares are not cheaper… so he qualifies for a free Maldives holiday, right?

      Don’t be stupid. If you are a leader, will you say the leadership is “bad, lousy, or ineffective”? You’ll be shooting yourself in the foot, right? Hey, I have NEVER interviewed anyone regarding World Ventures. So, don’t worry. These celebrities have thicker hides and deeper pockets than you and I combined. Hurt them? Not a chance.

      Stop trying to ‘market’ your own article here. 😉 I don’t need proof that something is a scam before I write about it. If I think it is a scam, I write about it and state my reasons for believing so. Those who don’t believe me are welcome to go ahead and join. Just wait for me to tell you “I told you so!”. 😀

      LOL. I’d say the same to you regarding abundance. But not with WV. Get out of WV while you can, William!

    • Hi everyone,
      this all sounds like a case of personal choice to me. The problem as I see it is that the people near the top of the tree are the only ones that can possibly make a proper amount of income and by that I mean at least the average UK annual income of around £26, 000 pounds.
      The way the top people ‘brainwash’ people into ‘con’vincing their family and friends into paying out money every month to qualify for so called discounted travel is scandalous. Then you have to add the cost of attending all these ‘training’ events and it’s clear to see why over 80% make ZERO income and over three quarters of the remaining 20% make less than $80US (£50GBP) A YEAR (these are WV’s own income disclosure figures not taking into account all those ‘training’ expenses).
      Surely it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the basis of all the money being made by those at the top is coming directly from the pockets of the 80-90% of the reps who have still not come to their senses, rather than from the sale of travel products. By the time they do (if ever) the guys at the top will have suckered in enough new sheep to ensure that their pockets remain full.
      I was recruited by a friend who is a top earner in WV and not wanting to damage that friendship or make enemies of my other friends and family, I managed to cancel on the sixth day of my seven days cooling off period. I fear that had I not done this my friend would have spent a long time ‘con’vincing me to stay ‘just a bit longer’
      My advice to William is get out while you can.

    • This video explains nothing. It’s a flawed illustration. He uses membership for 1 person, but takes holiday savings for 2 persons, and claims you break even by the 2nd year. 😉

      Don’t want to argue with people who are sold on WV already. When you wake up eventually, you wake up.

    • Ok, Grace has said all there is to say about that video. The fact that you have put that video up as some sort of justification as to why being a WV dreamtrip member is so good just shows how you have been sucked in by exactly this kind of thing that the people at the top brainwash their new recruits with. Look at it in relation to your own experiences. As Grace said, he’s basing the ‘savings’ on 1 membership but quotes two people saving money. Maybe two people can go on the one membership, so that is not the real problem. Have you actually recruited (and maintained them) your four people? How long did it take? During this time, how much extra have you spent attending all these ‘training’ events and on training materials.
      It seems you are the exact type of person they want, you are totally taken in and when challenged you just roll out this kind of video.
      So I see no point banging on, you can do with your money as you like, but at least stand back once in a while and think about the realities of what you are doing. What are YOU really getting for your money? Is it what YOU really want? Or is it what the people at the top of WV want you to believe?
      Hopefully you will see the light before they have taken all your money, because at the end of the day, that’s the only thing they’re interested in.

      Good luck William,


    • Hi Martin, thanks for the reply.

      My justification is that when you booked a family trip and every non-members in the family pay the same price as what you are paying for the DreamTrips is already a huge saving by itself thus the reason why I continue to become a member. If I travel twice or more each year with my family then that video certainly justify its explanation unless my math still sucks 😉

      Whether I do the business by attending meetings or whats-not is a choice that I made if I want to generate some money out of it. Ultimately it’s still a Choice!

      So you see, there are 2 kind of members available depending on the mental state when you partake in the program. Be it a holiday traveler who wants to saves money each time he/she travels or Become a network marketer and grow a team of Like-Minded Business people and earn the money from your hard works.

      Ultimately, hundreds of thousand of people if not million are embracing Network Marketing and among them professionals and businessmen beyond your imagination. Why? Do your research and who knows, someday it might be the answer to your future just like the Insurance industry in the early days!

      Have a great day!

    • Hey William,

      The rest of what you said makes some sense except for the part about insurance. No no… I don’t think any government will ever support WV like they support the purchase of insurance. As I’ve already mentioned before, insurance is a necessity while luxury travel is not. WV should never be compared with the insurance industry, ok?

    • Hi Grace, thank you for your kind comment above. Yes, Insurance is now a necessity as you can see BUT if you were to study how it started 150 years ago, the social stigma was as negative Network Marketing then. Can you be pretty sure that down the road, there will be a different kind of attitude towards Network Marketing? Maybe it will be regarded as a form of occupation? We don’t know what we don’t know.

      The Network Marketing has came a long way since early 1930s and its getting stronger day by day. Perhaps reading Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump co-authored book, “Why We Want You To Be Rich” might shed some light about the industry. By the way, both of them advocate that Network Marketing is something that we should explore. How about this video message ( ) ?


    • Hi William,

      No offence. I am sick of WV videos already.

      My point is simple: I believe network marketing works. I think companies like Tupperware are great, with their network marketing way of sales. I just don’t think WV falls into the same category of “great company”. Sorry.

      I’ll just leave readers to make up their own minds, ok? I suppose I cannot change your perception (you’ll just make me watch more videos), and you can’t change mine either. So let’s just leave it as that. Peace.

  14. Hi Grace, if you have watch the video you surely know it’s got nothing to do with Worldventures but the potential of Network Marketing as a whole as stated by this multimillionaire. We must be transparent in our ‘argument’ which I believed you are as you did not removed the video URL which I had appended. Applaud for you!

    Lastly, Peace be with you too in your other endeavors! 😉


    • Hmm, it starts off with a loaded question, coupled with ignoratio elenchi. Along the way, a straw man fallacy is thrown in along with wishful thinking. Then an appeal to wealth and honor by association turns up.

      No offense to William, but this is turning into an exercise in spotting logical fallacies.

    • Hi iakul and Grace, may as well give it up. Seem as if William is beyond redemption, you know the old saying; “you can lead a horse to water………….”. We tried.

    • This is just a response to martins first comment lol I am in world ventures I am not crazy like William but yea you don’t have to attend any training seminars or any of that stuff yea you pay your monthly subscription unless you get 4 active members but you can make money off world ventures just takes work lol not spamming randoms with JOIN world ventures it’s great hahahaha

      Have a great day 🙂

    • Here’s the thing: I guess most people, like myself, end up speaking with WV reps because we want cheaper holidays. WV doesn’t provide us with this. Instead, we are told to work our assess off to get 4 people to join so we don’t end up paying membership fees. Which is stupid, really. We just want cheaper travel. LOL

  15. Hello Grace ,
    “YOU SHOULD BE HERE” .. yes … from a day ago , I saw lots of photos and videos with this blue-banner in them.

    Found your blog after I searched for opinions on WV. Let me add my opinion here and try to keep it short. Last night (2014-02-18 Singapore) , I attended a presentation on WV benefits, held in a cramped room full of 40-50 folks of diverse age and socio-background . Actually that’s fine , as the only barrier to entry is to pay 360USD and start to refer those extra members (downlines). Those who joined , are saying they do it to enjoy savings in “Great Holiday Deals” and that is savings for the whole immediate family , just on 1 membership ! BUT the main reason for those who joined , is the goal of making lots of money and better yet , as a side-income for doing little or nothing. To those who are aiming for big bucks , recognize that you are making money mainly from pulling in new members and not from selling Dream Holidays at cheap rates.

    From Understanding the commission structure given (Twin Branch downlines) . It just means each new member gives 360USD ; 20USD goes to Immediate-Referrer , 42USD goes to higher-Referrer (gets 250 for each Cycle of 3+3 new members at lower ranks) , about 50USD goes to much higher ranks’ Car & Housing Benefits . Remaining 248USD goes to the company !! Understand that the company don’t even need to pay everyone same way … because not everyone can recruit so many members and most cannot in real world , so the successful leaders are truly a very very small number. Oh please don’t argue you only need to recruit next 4 members as company requirement , because for you to be successful in income growth , you must help to grow those downlines below yourself. That’s why successful leaders are helping you grow downlines … because your success is their income growth. 🙂

    I read from others about a public document . That an income disclosure from that company shows majority members don’t earn much , is a good reality check.

    For those who claim you just want cheap holidays . You don’t have to become a member , just use your member-friend’s web portal to buy those deals . Compare prices like most regular people do , against the whole world market.
    If you still want to get rich , just understand how you are getting rich.

    If I really want to do nothing and still get rich …. I would rather create such a company and let my members enrich me !
    Hey … Loan sharks makes a lot too .
    If you are a morally correct person , it will matter how you make your money .

    Now , what to do with my friend who brought me to the talk and had joined the day before ? I think someone else had said about a money-back in Singapore ? … Ponder .. Ponder … what is my moral responsibility here …

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  17. They are making it like a charismatic church with all the songs, testimonies (they even cried wen reading giving their testimonies!), videos, group leaders and etc.. the monthly subscription is tidings.. nothing against churches(i am a christian) but i am just wondering why this model in doing their seminars? Like charismatic churches.. Why huh?

    • The whole atmosphere is a setup. To con-vince people to sign up. Probably not like churches, but more like cults maybe?

  18. I know numerous people that have joined and succeeded and are currently driving a brand new paid and clear BMW. Just like any other job, you get out what you put in.

    • Two questions for Camille:

      1) Yes, everyone knows “people” who have succeeded, ‘cos they keep blowing their own trumpets. What about you? You have a success story?

      2) Can we ALL be driving BMWs if we ALL put in the hard work? Seems like BMWs would be the only cars on the roads from now on, huh?

  19. Actually why are you even responding to paid trolls who write things that seem like ads to me. Maybe it is time to hire your own internet brigade to fix these people =)

  20. I went to a seminar tonight, invited by a friend. Several people wanted me to sign up tonight or I could lose money! One man ask me what I do for work. I said I own a landscaper company, that with God’s Grace and hard work is busy! He said, what about Winters? Work must be slow in the Winter!? You see, it’s all scare tactics to make you believe what you are doing won’t work! Also, I said I would research it and I was told not. Just sign up tonight!

  21. Thank you for this blog!!!!
    Tonight I was tricked into one of these so called seminars. My good friend which I haven’t seen in a long time, invited me to his house for an important get together. (I thought it was his bday) Little did I know what I was in for. One of the main guys asked me all kinds of questions about myself, then he left the room with the main rep to speak. After the presentation started the rep used similarities about my education and job skills to shove this scam down my throat. I politely smiled while a bunch of 30 year old idiots clapped and cheered. Im married with 2 kids, do you think I want to spend my holidays with a bunch of strangers? Let alone convince my close family members and friends to spend $$$ so I can travel with that bunch….. I don’t think do. Thankfully my wife wasn’t there, which was the perfect excuse to deny deny deny the membership. He gave me a CD to listen, I hate people who litter but the cd flew out my window. This was worst than a timeshare pitch in Vegas for free tickets.

  22. lol..nowadays people are getting funnier ..

    What do you think your parents send you to school?
    Is to be a person you supposed to be! Learn how to respect others and make dicisions for your own. They won’t take care of you forever, you have to learn it from outside!
    I dont care what you want to be, but one thing for sure, Every decision has risks!
    Even when you need to go to work, you need a certain qualification to be accepted.
    where do you get it?
    school right?
    Did you pay your school fee?
    Did you pay your registration fee?
    its the same thing as doing business.
    You need investment and work hard. if u think it is easy, every person is successful by now.
    Its not about money, its about relationships you build with others. If you think you are strong alone, good for you.
    By the fact that, people used to disbelieve in banks. Well, see what is happening now? Most people use it anyway. Where do you think your products you use every day come from?
    Bottomline is,
    there are only two kinds of people in the world :
    1. Positive and logic thinking.
    2. Negative and p*ssy thinking.

    No matter which one you are, you are what you think!
    if you dont even give a chance to hear what it is, you will be ignored some day too (If you believe in Karma). Besides, no harm hearing!
    Remember! Your path has been curved in front o your mind.

  23. If only i knew u all earlier. My ex-colleague which I’m not close has invited me to meet up, got something opportunity. I didn’t expect that he would trick me into this, i met him and he bring another person to talk to me. And there I got trick into this scam. Few days later after talking to my best friend, she advised me to quit and get my money back.
    I informed my ex-colleague that i’m quitting, he ask me to provide screenshot of the messages i sent to my friend, keep saying that they want to help. He advised that she will check with her girlfriend, which make me wonder. Anyway her girlfriend call up and i get to know that i was under his girlfriend instead of him. DOUBLE TRICK. She keep asking to meet up and want to help me. We have fixed appointment to meet up on 14 Feb. Last Sat , i told her , i couldn’t make it as i’m still working. MOST DISAPPOINTMENT EVER, instead of saying okay we meet other time. She make so big matter saying that I have appointment with her and that i should tell my customer before hand. Wah she so big deal than my customer, she is not paying my salary, my company is the one paying my salary. Just because of Valentine’s Day, she was not able to enjoy with his boyfriend. This really open my mind and its really shows that I’m correct to quit.
    Hope i’m able to get my refund from this.
    Appreciate if you can help me get refund from this

  24. Hear, hear.

    I was absolutely miffed that I was led on a merry goose chase thinking I could collaborate with someone on a creative commission. Turned out to be an absolute waste of my time.

  25. Hi Grace,
    Your Blog just stopped me from committing a mortal mistake and signing up… I was going to do so to support my friend, but instead, I have offered to do so by advertising her Business for free at my website operations… You Go Girl! You’re So Cool! gonna be following you after this!

  26. Hi, Grace.

    I’m afraid that I didn’t read your blog early enough to save myself from spending $300+. To be frank, I’m disappointed in myself. One of my cousins, whose mother I trusted, used my thirst to travel to get me to join. I was told by this person that it would be a live-changing experience, that I would be able to travel everywhere at a cheaper cost. That was a blatant lie. I, myself, have been described as a devil’s advocate of sorts, but I would never wish to compromise my family and friend’s trust in order to make money. Additionally, I’m a college student, so I don’t really have the time to devote myself to the social gatherings and groups which is required of me. My cousin, I later discovered, doesn’t even go to college (despite being older than I) and has been pressuring me to devote more time to this abomination of a scheme. He compromised my trust, my lack of knowledge in the world, and stated that he didn’t wish to be a part of my excuses. I get it, it’s a big deal to him, but I have classes and exams that I’ve paid thousands for. But it seemed that they wanted me to devote my life to them. You’re blog has given me enough courage to quit. Thank you!

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