Prawning at Anglers’ Paradise & 4 Types Of Prawn-ers I Met

The fiance woke me from a nice Sunday afternoon nap yesterday, just to head to Anglers’ Paradise for a prawning session. (@_@) Interesting, since I was the one who had bought the online deal for 4 hours of prawning. 😀 [The deal was purchased off alldealsasia for S$8.50 per hour of prawning]

Anglers' Paradise

We decided to just use one prawning rod, and take turns to prawn. So we spent a total of 4 hours at Anglers’ Paradise. The catch: 45 prawns.

Anglers' Paradise Prawning

Not too bad actually.

We like prawning when there’s still daylight. I start seeing stars (not literally) at night ‘cos the light reflected off the water’s surface really hurts my eyes. Our catch rate is usually better in the daytime too. 🙂

Since we had spent a considerable amount of time at Anglers’ Paradise, I came across 4 different types of Prawn-ers:

1) The Family of Noob Prawners and Noisy Children – The Noob Prawners are easy to spot. Once they land a catch, they swing their prawning rod violently towards them and may the good lord help you if you happen to be standing next to them and their prawn lands on your face.

One such prawner (a mother wearing a Despicable Me ‘Minion’ tee) swung her rod so violently that the prawn nearly knocked over my water bottle next to her. I was not pleased.

Her boys also ran around like little devils, making a huge ruckus and scaring away all the prawns.

These family prawn-ers are one of those I’d stay away from.

2) The Female Noobs – I have no idea why some ladies act all ‘gu niang’ and shriek and scream for help when they land a catch. Just unhook the prawn, put it into your net and put it out of its misery, right?

Two teenage girls waved their prawning rod about helplessly, with neither knowing what to do. They even swung the prawn against a low wall, trying to knock it out. When the prawn remained conscious, one girl tried to pin it down with a chair leg while the other tried stepping on it. I had to go over to teach them how unhooking a prawn is done. (@_@)

I would advise all ‘gu niang’ types to not attempt prawning. Do something less dangerous like, erm, manicures, ok?

3) The ‘We Are Family’ Prawn-ers – They usually come in a big group and start taking up positions all around you. They also tend to be Malay – big families.

The family I encountered yesterday gave loud whoops of joy each time one of them caught a prawn – it got a bit noisy after a while, as you can imagine.

4) The Piss-You-Off Prawner – the guy who really gets on your nerves because he has no prawning “ethics” (for lack of a better word).

Even though the pond is huge and there’s lots of standing space everywhere, this guy will come over and place his hook and line next to yours once he sees you land a catch.

And the best part is… his line will, often, get entangled with yours. Met one such inconsiderate and (pardon me) idiotic person yesterday.

His line got entangled with ours and he didn’t bother apologizing. Plus, he kept prawning within 15cm of us!

You know how some people tell you that Prawning or Fishing helps make you a more patient person? They are right!

It’s not only about the catch. It’s also about the people around you. Some will REALLY test your patience.

And you’re probably wondering what type of prawn-er I am. 😀

I’d likely fall into the category of “Doesn’t-look-like-it-but-actually-quite-pro” prawner. LOL!

And the fiance has to be the “Mr Nice Guy” Prawn-er. He’s very friendly, willing to share the bait with others, and teach the noobs. I’m usually just concentrating real hard on the float. 😀

Alright, perhaps after my next prawning session, I will share about the other types of prawn-ers. There are many, such as the ‘Unsolicited Advice’ Prawn-er a.k.a Mr Know-It-All, the Super Pro prawn-ers, The 101 Questions Prawn-er, and many more.

I hope this blogpost helps you view prawning sessions in a different light – you meet so many different kinds of people there! Go try prawning if you haven’t done so before (except if you are the ‘gu niang’ type). 😀

Anglers’ Paradise is at:

60 Punggol East, Punggol Golf Club, #01-11, Singapore 828825 (Tel: 6886 4487)


3 thoughts on “Prawning at Anglers’ Paradise & 4 Types Of Prawn-ers I Met

  1. So nice of you to pub for them even after buying voucher already.. haha!

    Next topic suggestion, which prawn farm should you go to and why.
    Since you’re the-pro-but-doesnt-look-pro-and-season-prawner already right? haha!

    • Hey Clarence,

      Yah, I’m very nice like that. Ha! 😀

      Actually, the prawning place that I like has been shut down already – the one in Pasir Ris. ‘Cos the govt wants the land back.

      Prawning in JB can be quite good – especially at those newly-opened places ‘cos they’ll have mega prawns to attract prawn-ers. Those monster prawns are awesome, man! They put up such a good fight that sometimes it looks as if I am about to be dragged into the pond! So, I’d definitely recommend any place that is newly opened, whether in SG or JB cos the prawns will be super big! 🙂

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