Pretty in PREENK: Chic Dresses At Affordable Prices!

I’m loving this new online clothing brand ‘PREENK’ because the dresses are pretty, prices are affordable, and customers don’t have to pay for shipping, returns or exchanges.

You’ve already seen the first dress I got from PREENK in an earlier blogpost:

Celio Blogpost

This black dress has an interesting zipper detail at the waist, and is incredibly flattering – it makes me look slimmer than I really am! 😀 Right now, it’s selling on PREENK at half-price! Check it out HERE.

This next dress seems like something Barbarella would wear:

Preenk 2

I love the color but really dislike the inconvenience of ironing a pleated dress. Ha! I don’t have a steam iron at home. If you do, the dress looks really lovely…


The dipped back hem is oh-so-stylish! Don’t forget to choose a color that will make you stand out from the crowd! 🙂

At just S$59.90, this dress is truly a STEAL! Get it HERE.

One other dress I’d recommend is the Philantha dress, which I’d also call the Peacock dress, and here’s why:

My Pet Peacock

I love the frilly hem! I want to show off this dress to everyone! 😀

And that’s a real peacock, by the way!

Proud As A Peacock

At JUST S$49.90, you have no reason not to get this dress. I’ll tell you why it rocks. Firstly, it’s incredibly lightweight. Secondly, it’s great for buffets – just loosen the belt to accommodate any extra inches around your waist (hehe!). And finally, I made a serendipitous discovery – this dress is rather water-resistant. I’d spilled some droplets of water onto the dress while I was getting a drink and realized that those droplets did not get absorbed into the fabric! So even though this dress can be a little sheer, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet – just shake the water off, it dries fast! And oh, did I mention it’s going for only S$49.90??? Get it now, before it’s sold out!

I’m wearing size 12 for the first dress and size 10 for the other two. 🙂

I think It’s great that PREENK offers free returns and exchanges. Just return your purchase with the pre-paid shipping label and get either a full refund (within 30 days) or a replacement shipped to you at no extra cost!

Visit PREENK now to begin shopping!

PREENK is one online boutique with my stamp of approval! 🙂


PREENK closes the gap between the often disappointing quality from blog shops offering cheaper options and the luxury brands where the edge in quality and craftsmanship comes with a hefty price tag which can be disheartening for many.

Here at PREENK, we believe that fashion is not just about the latest designs, nor a popular trend. Instead, fashion is about enhancing one’s persona, increasing one’s confidence and celebrating one’s personal style. Your unique personal style stems from the basis of who you are and your personal charisma.

Most people will only wear beautiful dresses when they go to a wedding dinner or something. At PREENK, it is more like “No, you can prink up every day!” – which is part of our tagline, Love Life.