My Blogging Workshops over the weekend

I’ve been busy over the weekend conducting my blogging workshops. So, it really amused me to read The Sunday Times today and see an article about a fellow blogger who goes by the name Yutaki James. He actually “paid” S$1,000 for a filler injection to his lower eyelids.

It’s currently a trend in Korea to get, erm, eyebags. There’s even a term for it: “aegyo sal” / cute skin. And Yutaki James (who lives in Singapore) wanted to “keep up with trends”. Er… ok.

Firstly, I don’t think he “paid” for the filler – it is more likely that it was sponsored. Check out this Youtube video if you need “proof”. A popular blogger NEVER needs to pay for aesthetics treatments. *wink*

Yutaki James eyebag filler

Secondly, I really think he could have just given me $1,000 to teach him how to get eyebags the natural way. πŸ˜› Seriously, here I am trying to sleep away my eyebags and/or hide them with concealer and he is getting fillers for eyebags? Wow.

But if that gets a huge picture of you on The Sunday Times, good for you.

Me… I’m getting eyebags the natural way with my workshops, travels, blogging, etc.

Here are the peeps from my workshops on Saturday (7th Sept) and Sunday (8th Sept).

7 Sept 2013 Blogging Workshop

Above: Nicole, Carina, Me, and Linn. One other participant, a fellow blogger, took this photo for us. She didn’t want to let other bloggers know she attended my workshop. Ha! Well, she’ll surprise them with her blogging progress if she puts into practice what I’ve taught the group! πŸ™‚

On Sunday… almost an all-guys group. Almost.

8 Sept 2013 Blogging Workshop

It was good meeting Alvin, Karen, KC and Eng Beng! Go astound the blogosphere! πŸ˜€

I had one or two people miss each session either because they fell ill, got abducted by aliens, or had work. So, I’m glad to meet these 8 awesome peeps over 2 days. πŸ™‚

The next two blogging workshops are already full. But you can sign up for the October sessions. Just follow the steps below:

Upcoming Blogging Workshops:

(1) 21st September, Saturday *FULL*

(2) 22nd September, Sunday *FULL*

(3) 12th October, Saturday *Available*

(4) 13th October, SundayΒ *Available*

How To Sign Up:

1) Email gracewwg [at] with subject “Blogging Workshop” and tell me which date you prefer.

2) Upon receipt of my confirmation email, make payment of $250 to POSB Savings 126-85658-0 to secure your seat within 48 hours.

Come to my workshop if you’d like to have all your questions about Blogging answered. I’ll not say more. You’ll simply be blown away.

Here’s unsolicited feedback from Alvin:

Alvin Nio feedback