My First Feature On Channel U! :)

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year was to get featured on TV. I honestly did NOTHING at all to get this feature. By some stroke of luck and/or divine intervention, I received an email about this program titled “Off The Path” 逐梦者, and I was happy to be featured as one of the “profiles”.

Off The Path

I’m a newbie when it comes to TV appearances so I’m not actually keen on seeing myself on the telly. *cringe* I’ll just strap myself to the sofa and watch anyway, I guess. But first, some people I have to thank:

(1) The production crew… Pei Si, the cameramen, sound men, etc. We had to shoot for more than two days… for those precious few minutes on TV. Thank you for teaching me, tolerating my ignorance, and putting together the final clip (I have yet to watch).


(2) The folks from My Beauty Diary. The lovely team comprising Marcus, Nancy and Ginelle, and more staff who acted as ‘calefare peeps’. They helped arrange for the filming at Watsons, Ngee Ann City. I’d like to thank my friend, Crane, and my sister for coming by to be “calefare” for the filming.

Marcus Me and Ginelle

[In case you were wondering, the producer wanted to film me attending a bloggers’ event but no such events take place at 9am. So, it was a ‘staged’ one but still a lot of fun. I was so sleepy that I left my camera battery in the charger at home. I went around the entire day with an essentially useless DSLR! LOL. Er… Murphy’s Law? It’s Murphy’s fault! :D]

(3) My shoe sponsors (Jiawen and Joycelyn) from Haute Shuz Bar.

[I had just returned from Japan and during the filming, my legs were red, dry and itchy. Probably a cold rash. I’ve been told that I should always apply moisturizer diligently when traveling to a colder country]

Hopefully, the pretty shoes divert all attention away from my legs. Muahaha.

Thanks too, to Max from Max Photography, for being the photographer who never got his face shown, cos he was constantly behind the camera! 😀

(4) My food review sponsor: Blisshouse restaurant. The food was great, the drinks were yummy, and the setting simply delightful.


*Accessories and bags on loan from Camomilla Milano Singapore*

(5) The producer’s aunt for letting us film my fake “home” segment in her house in Potong Pasir. Hehe!

(6) Accidentally Three for sponsoring the top I wore in the above-mentioned “Home” segment.

(7) Last but not least, Sheila Sim, who kindly agreed to be interviewed by me for my blog and also for this Channel U filming. She was a superb interviewee! Check out my blogpost here. Also, I’d like to thank my friend, Jiahe, for being there and helping to record the interview. 🙂

Sheila Sim and Grace Tan

For those who spotted my book ‘Blogging For A Living’ on the show (hopefully the footage gets aired!), it’s actually just a mock-up before my book was published. The pages are blank on the inside.

Here’s the mock-up and the actual book:

Blogging For A Living book

The actual book is much bigger. Stock is available at most bookstores. If you encounter one that has run out, send me an email to let me know k? 🙂

For those few minutes on television, the filming process was extremely long, I must say. 😛 And super tiring too. But it’s fun after that. I get people commenting everywhere (Facebook, whatsapp, etc) to say that they spotted me on TV, during one of those trailers aired about this ‘Off The Path’ program. *chuckle*

Very happy and very honored to be one of two profiles for this finale episode, on a rather auspicious date and timing – the 9th day of the 9th month of the year, at 9pm.


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