Market! Market! Global City in Manila: Shopping & Food (Cupcakes by Sonja, Chez Karine, Echomarket)

I was in Manila for a short one-and-a-half days this month, to visit my future mother-in-law as she was hospitalized after a stroke while on holiday in Manila.

While in Manila, I also got to visit one of the city’s malls, and try some of the food available. Near Makati Medical Center, there’s a Japanese fast food restaurant called Tokyo Tokyo that I ate at twice, as prices are reasonable and the store is within walking distance from the hospital.

Tokyo Tokyo Manila

I can never understand why fried food is placed in ramen soup – the oil floating on the surface is quite off-putting.

Ramen (snack size, not regular size) at 99 pesos per bowl, and potato balls at 35 pesos. Total cost: S$6.85.

As for the bentos, the salmon is pretty good. You can give the drink a miss as it’s way too sweet, even for someone like me who has a sweet tooth.

Salmon bowl (w drink): 117 pesos, Chicken bento: 115 pesos, Crab meat + mango salad: 69 pesos. Total meal cost: S$8.85 (for two pax)

The food is not exactly healthy but relatively inexpensive.

During the almost-one-full-day we had to ourselves, the fiance took me to Market! Market! Global City, which is apparently a shopping haven (or at least that’s what I found it to be).

Market! Market!

Fruits at Market! Market! stacked in impossibly pretty piles:

Fruits at Market! Market!

Either the stallholders were really too free, or they have VERY high standards where aesthetics are concerned.

Before we even got to the mall, we went past a couple of shops that caught my eye. They were rather irresistible.

First up, echomarket, echostore, echocafe…

Echomarket cafe store Manila

EchoMarket Manila

[Visit the EchoStore facebook page HERE]

We stopped for a drink within the echocafe and I picked the Guyabano juice. If you don’t already know, guyabano is actually soursop. 🙂 I was also very intrigued by the soya chips (love that they are soy-based but dislike the fact that they were fried, not baked) and the pili nuts. I’ve been loving the pili nuts from Stephen James Organics, so I am really looking forward to trying these nuts (from The Rains Delicacies) in an assortment of flavors – sea salt, honey, garlic, chili turmeric, honey cinnamon, etc. [110 pesos per 80g packet / S$3.24] *I’ve tried the ones with honey – the level of sweetness is just right: they are a truly yummy snack!

Then I spotted an oh-so-pretty cupcake shop just around the corner… *could not resist*

Cupcakes by Sonja

Cupcakes by Sonja Manila

Chocolate Overload cupcakes by sonja manila

The fiance and I shared this chocolate overload cupcake, so as to avoid an overdose, and oh my, it was YUMMY! At 105 pesos or S$3.08, it’s not the cheapest cupcake I’ve eaten, but it’s one of the most chocolicious! 😀

Then, for the sake of tasting all things pretty, I went next door to buy some macarons from Chez Karine:

Chez Karine Manila

Macarons Chez Karine Manila

At just 50 pesos each (or S$1.47), these are a steal! I bought the Red Velvet, Matcha and Earl Grey macarons, and I want more!!! 😀

I really love the shop decor around this area… check out this utterly colorful one – I’m so going back to eat here!

Mexicali Manila

Within the mall, there are shops like saizen by Daiso (everything at 88 pesos, which is more expensive than in SG) and adidas outlet store, restaurants like sbarro (Italian), etc.

I bought a swimsuit at The Sports Warehouse, at 699.75 pesos or just over S$20.

There are also great fashion steals within the mall, in the segments called “Fashion Market”. You will be able to find clothes at unbelievably low prices!

Fashion Market Market Manila

Needless to say, I bought lots of clothing here. Despite the low prices, I spent more than 100usd. And lamented the fact that I had brought just one backpack to Manila, and not my suitcase. 😀

We had a meal at Market! Market!, at what looked like a food court on the ground floor. 🙂

Food at Market Market

The fiance ordered some pasta, which wasn’t very tasty. I ordered chicken from ‘Henie’s Chicken’, which cost just 119 pesos (inclusive of an iced tea).

And my final meal with the fiance in Manila, was at Chow King – some noodles and a very yummy pau:

Chow King ManilaThis set costs 88 pesos or S$2.60.

I also had udon for breakfast, at the airport, before my 5am flight *yawn*

Udon at manila's airport

My breakfast, served by a grumpy waitress, cost me 290 pesos or S$8.50. Not worth it for the service or quality, but the hot soup was a lovely start to the day. 🙂

Here are some interesting things I spotted while in Manila:

A Jeepney

Jeepney Manila

I’ve never seen a transport mode like this one. It seems stuffy inside though as passengers can be spotted wielding fans.

Street peddler

Street peddler Manila

Like many cities in Asia, Manila is plagued by traffic jams. During those periods you are stuck in a jam, you’ll see these peddlers coming by your vehicle, selling anything from tissue paper to mineral water. The most HILARIOUS one I spotted was this guy above, selling feather dusters!!!

It was so ridiculous that I had a really good laugh at his expense. Would I be giving my vehicle a good dusting while stuck in a jam? I think not! LOL! So the sight of him walking around with oh-so-colorful feather dusters for sale really cracked me up.

And that’s the end of my Manila escapade. Hopefully, the future MIL recovers soon. Or there might just be a part two coming up. XD


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