Bud Of Joy: An Exceptional Organic Bakery & Store in Singapore

I was sent some organic goodies to review, but thought I should head down to the bakery and meet the people who made them. And I’m thankful I did so! In that bakery, I met a Home Economics teacher from my former secondary school (Geylang Methodist Secondary School) and the boss’ wife was also a student from GM! She now teaches in the primary school. ๐Ÿ˜€

What a small world this is!

Meet the boss (Her-Yi), his wife Sarah and their 11-month old baby boy,ย ๅฎžๅฎ‰. If you’ve not been watching your diet and eating all sorts of junk food, this lil tot will whip you into shape in no time! You’ve been warned!

Bud Of Joy


The family eats only organic food and so does baby. Even eating the chocolate chip cookies in this store will make you feel as if you won’t get fat. ๐Ÿ˜€

The products that were delivered to me for the review before I headed down included:

1) Organic Muesli

2) Organic Almond Cookies

3) Organic Wholemeal Bread

4) Organic Pandan Chiffon Cake

5) Almond Butter

Bud Of Joy

I was most intrigued by the pandan chiffon cake which does not contain baking powder. The most important question: How does it taste?

I found the S$16 pandan chiffon cake impossibly soft, light and fluffy. It had a pleasant pandan aroma and was not too sweet. Even my mother, the hard-to-please food critic, said the level of sweetness was just right.

I would have loved, though, if the cake came with a knife. Sarah shared that some customers may end up with too many knives due to repeat purchases, or find plastic knives not environmentally friendly. Well, a biodegradable knife for those who request for it, maybe? ๐Ÿ˜€

*You know you want to eat this*

organic pandan chiffon cake

The chiffon cake also comes in orange flavor – not overpowering, just a tinge of orange zest. A must-try at Bud Of Joy!

Do try Bud Of Joy’s wholemeal bread (S$7.10) too. On its own, it has a chewy texture, typical of artisan breads. [I love how artisan breads, when squashed/pinched, bounce back to their original shape. Other commercial breads just remain squashed.]

The breads taste better with a dip or spread though. I loved it with the almond butter (S$15.50). The almond butter is really aromatic and unlike peanut butter, doesn’t stick to the inside of my mouth, if you know what I mean.

Bud Of Joy

The muesli (S$9) is a must-try. The nuts are flavorful and just slightly sweet due to the honey. Some pieces are chewy while others are crunchy. Utterly delightful! I love how they come in resealable ziplock bags so I don’t get tempted to eat them all at one go.

The cookies (S$13.80) would taste even better with more nuts in them for added texture and crunch. Or if they could have a chocolate coating? Yummy! They are a good snack nonetheless.


The bakery is run by Her-yi, with the help of some friends who are passionate about creating good food for people to enjoy. If you have special dietary needs, e.g. gluten-free foods, etc, let them know so they can prepare something for you at no extra charge.

I was definitely concerned about the sustainability of the business as the store is at Circuit Road (at the ground floor of an HDB flat) – there aren’t as many walk-in customers as in the malls. Also, our fast-paced society is largely dependent on fast foods and junk foods. But Sarah told me that they’ll just take one step at a time, as they know that the work they are doing is meaningful and that’s all that matters to them.

So, do support this local initiative to rethink what we eat and nourish our bodies with better foods.

Pop by Bud Of Joy at 71 Circuit Road #01-31 (nearest MRT station: MacPherson, 5-minute walk) and you may even get to meet the little bundle of joy, like I did:

Me and Shi An

“Come visit me soon!”

Shi An

Bud Of Joy

6748 7687 /ย budofjoy.comย /ย sales@budofjoy.com


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