Customer Service: Why Giordano Needs To Learn From Jetstar

I am someone who will not just lodge complaints about bad service staff, I will also submit my compliments regarding those who go the extra mile for service. 🙂

On Sept 3rd, I emailed Jetstar regarding the exemplary service attitude of Fazie, one of their cabin crew. On a Jetstar flight, I had asked if I could purchase some water as I was feeling thirsty. Fazie told me that the trolley would be out on the aisles soon. As it turned out, there was some unexpected delay and he came to me with a cup of water, and did not charge me for it, and apologized as the trolley was not ready like he had expected it to be. I was so happy and grateful to receive that cup of water from him (budget airline, remember?), and I still bought a bottle of mineral water after.

I wrote to Jetstar to compliment them about the great service, and a day later, this is the email I received:



Ms Tan,

Thank you for contacting Jetstar. I was so pleased to hear about the service you received from our Cabin Crew Fazie during your recent travel with Jetstar.

We go to great lengths to try and provide passengers with excellent customer service so it’s always helpful when a customer takes the time and trouble to tell us exactly what we’re getting right. It’s really rewarding for our people to have their work recognised in such a thoughtful way.

I’ll make sure that the staff involved and their managers hear your kind comments. I know they’ll be thrilled.

We really appreciate the time you’ve taken to let us know so I’d like to offer you a complimentary Jetstar Travel Voucher to the value of SGD $50.00 for you to use on a future Jetstar service. The voucher will be emailed to you within 48 hours. Please take note of the terms and conditions printed on the voucher.

Bookings must be made through or Jetstar Telephone Reservations on 131 538 within 6 months of the date of this letter, for travel on any available Jetstar flights at the time you redeem this voucher.

The voucher isn’t transferable and must only be used by the recipient. The voucher can only be redeemed in one booking, any remaining amount will be lost and no credit will be given.

Alternatively, the voucher can also be collected through our website at: (Please note that the voucher will be made available in 48 hours). You will need to enter your name, reference number and current email address, and the voucher will be emailed to you. The voucher will then be processed and emailed to the email address provided within 24 hours.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to write to us. I very much hope we’ll see you on board Jetstar again soon.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Christodoulou

Manager Customer Care


I was SO THRILLED at receiving the S$50 Jetstar voucher – I’ve already used it for a booking for another Jetstar flight! 😀 I can only describe my experience with Jetstar with one word: Awesome!

Compare this, folks, with my experience with Giordano.

I wrote to them on Sept 23rd regarding one of their sales assistants, named Miki, from their Tampines Mall outlet. She was not only rude (“YES?! Can I help you?!), impatient (would not allow me time to check the zipper of the pants I wanted to buy) but also destroyed my credit card by ramming it into the machine.

The outcome:

Giordano ruined my CC

Giordano’s response to my email:


Dearest Ms. Tan,

Thank you very much for your email and we regret to know about this very unpleasant experience you had at our shop yesterday.

Please be assured that we will look into this with utmost priority and execute the necessary actions needed.  We will do our best not to make sure that all our staffs will display the proper conduct and service that all our customers deserve.

Again, thank you very much for your valuable feedback and please accept our sincerest apology for the inconvenience we have caused you.

Yours sincerely,

Rachelle Ong
Customer Service Exec.


Read the second paragraph carefully and you will realize that it is written “We will do our best not to make sure that all our staffs will display the proper conduct and service that all our customers deserve.”

I requested to speak with the customer service manager, Sally, but she seemed terribly busy always. She managed to call me only 2 days later. Giordano would offer me a S$20 voucher (which I have yet to receive). It was offered somewhat grudgingly. Sally requested to know if the bank was charging me any replacement card fee. I said that no, it isn’t, but is the time and effort I require to head down to the bank for a replacement something she can overlook?

She then offered the explanation that the sales assistant is a PRC lady, hence her tone of voice was unpleasant. Then my question would be “Why did you guys hire her? To scare off all your customers?!”

One word to describe my experience with Giordano: TERRIBLE!

~ Lessons All Businesses Can Learn ~

1) Have a Customer Service Manager, not an Executive, respond to complaint letters. If your executive makes any more mistakes, it just adds fuel to the fire.

2) There are only 2 rules to customer service. Rule #1: The customer is always right. Rule #2: Always remember Rule #1.

3) If the customer takes the trouble to write to you, it must be important, and you’d better respond tactfully and appropriately.

4) Do not respond to complaints immediately, as the customer is likely still angry. Have an autoresponder send an email to say the company is looking into the matter and will get back within 24 hours or 5 working days or 7 days, whichever. Give the customer a cooling off period, unless the issue is very serious, e.g. there was an injury, or a substantial loss of property.

5) Never ever use template replies (customers are not stupid) and always proofread your emails before hitting ‘send’!

And if I may add, consider not hiring bad-tempered PRC staff. 😛