My Sharing Session @ Passion Unleashed – Reigniting Your Fire!

[This post is in place of a PowerPoint presentation at a Passion Unleashed talk at SMU, as I am a blogger (hence a blogpost), and not a ‘PowerPoint presenter’, if there is indeed such a term. Ha! I’ll ‘flesh out’ this post after the event so stay tuned!]

What’s one ‘mountain’ in your life that you want to conquer?

Mount Kinabalu Low's Peak

Remember: Some things are just not for everyone!

How To Reignite Your Passion?


(1) You have found your passion

You’re not still looking…


(2) There is nothing you are more passionate about now

How To Find Your Passion:

-> Not what is easy or approved but what feels right for you

croc hunter


-> Subtle clues along the way to ‘tell’ you

-> What are you passionate about? What would you still do even if you are not paid a single cent to do?

-> FIND your passion!


How To Reignite Your Passion:

(1) Revisit the original WHY

– Esp. when times get tough


(2) It’s really ok to take a different path for a while

– Give yourself permission


(3) Keep Challenging Yourself

– Success = achieving the goals you set for yourself

What I really want to do, because Blogging is such hard work:


– Keep setting new goals!


Whatever you do, have FUN!



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