Djitsun Mall: That Mall In Singapore I Never Knew Existed

October’s my birthday month, so as a Xin Wang Cafe member, I get to enjoy a Birthday Platter on the house, and S$15 off my total bill. I would have headed to the outlet at Kovan Heartland Mall, but the fiance looked at the list of outlets and picked Djitsun Mall since both of us had no idea this mall even existed!

And so, we headed to 5, Ang Mo Kio Central 2:


Djitsun Mall is named after OEGroup’s founder, Mr Lim Djit Sun. It’ll probably not be easy to tell cab drivers to take you to Djitsun Mall. How does one pronounce ‘Djitsun’ anyway? With a silent ‘D’?

In any case, if you drive, there’s an open air carpark right next to this mall. The mall is rather small and houses mainly enrichment centres like Yamaha Music School, The Ballet School, etc. There’s also Harvey Norman, Watsons and True Fitness.

But I went straight to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and got my Curry Chicken with bread:

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Curry Chicken with Bread

And here’s the Birthday Platter:

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Birthday Platter

I’m definitely renewing my membership next year! πŸ˜€

And folks, now you know. There IS a mall in SG called ‘Djitsun Mall’. It’s located along the same stretch… after AMK Hub and Jubilee Mall. Though unless you stay around the area, you probably won’t find it necessary to visit this mall. Go to AMK Hub instead. πŸ˜‰



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  1. This is formerly the New Crown/New Town cinemas in the old days! I remembered the cinemas were already defunct in the 80s so it’s good that it has now been given a new lease of life! Happy Birthday, Grace! Wishing you many happy returns =)

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