How *NOT* To Have Miley Cyrus’ Chicken Bum :D

A photo comparing 21 year old Miley Cyrus’ bottom to a chicken’s has made its rounds on the Internet. One Youtube video even garnered over 46,000 views.

Miley Cyrus Chicken BumTo be fair, all of us have an equal chance of getting a tush like that if we don’t work out enough.

At the gym today, I asked my personal trainer for 3 exercises we can all do so as to avoid getting the dreaded ‘chicken bum’.

Just grab a barbell and do these:

(1) The Squat


(2) The Walking Lunge


(3) The Deadlift


*GRADUALLY increase the amount of weight you are lifting.

**Don’t worry about getting “Monster”/”Tree trunk” Legs – it won’t happen.

***You can still do the squat and walking lunge even if you don’t have a barbell 🙂


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