Why Choose Blogging Instead Of Internet Marketing?

[I’m speaking to a group of Internet Marketers tonight, hence this post is for them, but feel free to comment should you have a question :)]

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Many have tried to explain the differences between Blogging and Internet Marketing, though not all have succeeded.

Similar but different?…

Warrior Forum

Differences between Blogging and IM / Why I Chose To Blog:

  1. Low Barrier To Entry / Idiot-Proof / No Age Limit Hello Kitty blogger
  2. It’s FREE!!!
  3. Personal: It’s About ME!
  4. *More Sponsorships + No Need To Flaunt Cheques yayMount Kinabalu Low's Peak
  5. Write About Passion Instead Of What’s Trending
  6. Tags vs Keyword Research
  7. ‘Sexy’ To Mainstream Media Grace on Channel U
  8. Blog Awards Receiving my award from Minister Lawrence Wong

Set up your blog in 4 simple steps: Blog Setup In 4 Simple Steps

Top 3 Ways To Monetize Your FREE Blog:

  1. Blog ads – banner ads, sidebar ads, etc [Blogspot: Nuffnang ads]
  2. Advertorials
  3. Create your own product

Fatal Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Commit:

  1. Choosing a niche/topic that is of no real interest to the blogger
  2. Trying to sell something all the time
  3. Giving up too soon

Strategies For Success In The Blogosphere:

  1. **Blow Your Own Horn [p75 of ‘Blogging For A Living’ book] after discovering your USP
  2. Model Your Way To Success [Not COPY! But Emulate!]


Time For The Sales Pitch???

Yes and No

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3) Exploring monetizing opportunities not directly linked to Blogging.

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2 thoughts on “Why Choose Blogging Instead Of Internet Marketing?

  1. Great post Grace!

    And it’s true that when one blogs on his/her passion, it actually doesn’t seem like work, and when enough traction is gained, one actually gets paid to do something he/she likes.

    In this case, Grace herself is a great example for everyone.. So if anyone is looking at modelling (model her success) and learning from someone who knows her stuff, go sign up for Grace’s workshop. Cheers!

    – Lester

    P.S. I don’t know Grace personally so it’s an unsolicited comment.

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