Dear Tourists, I’m Sorry You Got Scammed In Singapore

I was having lunch yesterday at Epicurious (The Quayside, Robertson Quay) when one of my personal trainers alerted me to the sight of a ‘considerably well-dressed’ man approaching a tourist on the other side of the river:

Conman Robertson Quay

Because my meal was taking such a long time to be served, and because I am very kaypoh (curious), I crossed the bridge to speak with the tourist and find out what the (con)man wanted from him.

I found out that the tourist is a Canadian man named David. And he had just handed over 5 bucks to the (presumably Indian) man who had approached him. The man had initially wanted 10 bucks, which was supposed to “help little children in India”. But David only wanted to give him 5, and got this in return:

For 5 bucks

I have no idea what that is – a bead? A seed? Some random object the guy picked up along the streets?

But I told David that I’m really sorry he had to experience this while in Singapore. Call me skeptical but I’m quite sure not a cent will go towards helping children in India.

Then I left David to continue taking photographs of the very pretty bridge and went back to lunch with my personal trainers…


And I later spotted the (con)man at work again. New target spotted:

New Target

I guess as locals we don’t get targeted by conmen very often. Usually, it’s the tourists who fall prey. And I really should have phoned the police, though I’m not sure if they’ll take the call seriously and whether they’ll be able to apprehend him ‘cos the man seemed to ‘disappear’ after each conversation with a ‘target’.

If you’re a tourist in Singapore, do not hand over money to anyone who approaches you on the street! Whether it is for “poor children in India” or to build orphanages or whatnot, just ignore them and walk away.


Back to lunch…

Here’s my trainer, Cain, who is living proof that you can eat whatever you want (and drink beer in the afternoon too!) and still have a drool-worthy physique:


You just have to work out a lot…

(And oh… the warm brownie at Epicurious is super yummy! I need to have one more! 😀 )

I train with Raphael and Cain at Quantum Fitness (Gallery Hotel, near Mohd Sultan Road/ Clarke Quay). You’re welcome to join in. Just call 97606040 (Ralph) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dear Tourists, I’m Sorry You Got Scammed In Singapore

  1. During my last visit to Singapore, me and my Singaporean friend was walking along Orchard Rd after a midnight movie at Plaza Singapura. A PRC guy approached me, asked me for help. He missed his bus and need a place to stay over night. Being softhearted kind of guy, i was going to give him $10 then my friend interrupted me and she told me to give just $5 enough already. Con artists are everywhere, even in the States. When I was new here, I met with a couple one day at the train station. They told me their story, they locked their car downtown, so, they need to head back home (not near downtown) by train. They asked if I can help them. They will transfer back the money to me later. At that moment, I got 2 x $20 dollar bill. So, i gave them one. They needed more, but I told them i need it for lunch. So, they thanked me, and the wife (which was quite pretty), gave me a hug :P… So, after that, no news from them (i gave them my cell number). $20 for a nice hug from someone’s wife :P… I’m stupid + softhearted! 🙂

    Back home, I told me friend about it, they scolded me and said “After conversion from $20 dollar, I can get more than a hug… from some “centers”” …hahahaaa

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