Giveaway: Crochet Chiffon Dress from Vestire Love

I wore a pretty mint green dress for my Meet-The-Author session at Kinokuniya recently…

Me and ClarenceMe and Amanda Photo Credit: Max Photography

This is what the dress looks like… on a model:

Crochet Chiffon Dress Emerald model

This dress is retailing for S$28 at Vestire Love and you can win this dress (details at the end of this blogpost)

Vestire Love also sponsored two other dresses: a Bustier Floral Dress and an Embossed Forest Dress.

Here I am right out of the shower and bare-faced:

Floral Bustier me

Spot my Kitty collection in the background! Hehe! 😀

I’ve worn this dress twice but never dared to leave the house with my legs bare. I’ll usually wear jeans under the dress, and put on a jacket as well. It’s really quite a sexy piece. 😀 But like they say, if you have it, flaunt it. 😛

Bustier Floral Dress model

It IS very pretty! 🙂

And this 3rd piece is called the Embossed Forest Dress (blue)…

Embossed dress me

The white panel has pretty embossing, hence the dress’ name.

Embossed Forest Dress blue

Vestire Love has many dresses in lovely prints, and at affordable prices, so do head over for wallet-friendly fashion! 🙂

~ The Giveaway ~

Be the winner of this dress: Crochet Chiffon Dress (Emerald) 😀

Crochet Chiffon Dress Emerald model

Step 1: ‘Like’ my Facebook post on this giveaway

Step 2: ‘Like’ Vestire Love’s Facebook page

Step 3: Comment on my Facebook post and tell me your dress size (S/M/L), e.g. “I wear size M”

*Photo credit: All pictures featuring the model are courtesy of Vestire Love.

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