Hello Kitty EZ-Link Cards: Where To Buy Them

Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards Classic

If you don’t already know, the Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards were launched on 29th October 2013, in Classic designs as well as Limited Edition designs.

There are a total of 12 designs – 8 Classic and 4 Limited Edition.

*The Limited Edition cards have “special effects” like etching and glitter. Every Hello Kitty EZ-Link card comes in a gift box and is accompanied by a free mobile screen cleaner exclusively designed for EZ-Link.

Hello Kitty ez-link Limited Edition cards

Cost of the cards:

Classic: S$14.90

Limited Edition: S$19.90

*The cards have no stored value, and each card has a lifespan of 5 years from the date of encoding.

Where to buy them:



At selected TransitLink Ticket Offices:

Transitlink Ticket Offices selling Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards(Snapshot from the press release I received)

Delivery charges for online purchases:


1 to 3 cards: S$6

4 to 8 cards: S$7


If you encounter problems, or have feedback regarding the Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards, call Cust Svc at 6496 8300 (Mon-Sun, 8am-6pm, excluding PH).

Hello Kitty ez-link Classic Cards


“Me & My Classic Cards” contest: Collect all 8 Hello Kitty Classic ez-link designs and 3 winners will each win a 30-inch giant Hello Kitty plushie.


Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards

[Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards that fellow blogger, Flore Leng, received at the media launch. I was given the one on top! :D]


18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty EZ-Link Cards: Where To Buy Them

  1. Why only limited design can purchase online. Since we are can purchase online, should have more design for us to purchase. Not only the 2 design.

    • Hi Fiona,

      I guess it’s just marketing. Like how McDonald’s doesn’t let us buy the whole Hello Kitty collection at one shot. They just want to make us keep coming back for more. šŸ˜‰

    • Hi Adeline,

      I’m not sure. You could head down to the station to check or call them perhaps? I’m staying in the East, not West side. All sold out at Sengkang station – that’s all I know. šŸ™‚

  2. Lifespan of 5years from the date of encoding meaning? From the date we buy the card or from the date whereby we store monetary value into the card?

  3. hi,

    would like to check with you the limited christmas edition.can i know where is still selling?


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