Häagen-Dazs x illy Ice Cream Coffee workshop

If you have always eaten ice cream and drank coffee separately, give me a high five! 😀 Before this ice cream coffee workshop, I had NEVER thought of combining coffee and ice cream. So thank you, Häagen Dazs and illy! 🙂

This workshop came about due to the launch of Häagen Dazs’s new ice cream flavor: Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle.

Haagen Dazs chocolate hazelnut brittle

This flavor has been described as a “decadent combination of dark chocolate ice cream with a smooth hazelnut swirl and textured pieces of crunchy hazelnut brittle”. Put simply, it is super yummy!

Häagen Dazs invited Eduardo Vastolo, illyCaffe Barista Trainer for the Asia Pacific Region, to craft 3 Coffee Creations using Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle! And the best part is, you can use home coffee machines to make the perfect ice cream coffee too, like I learnt how to during the workshop! 🙂

Coffee Machine

But first… Eduardo’s 3 Stunning Coffee Creations:

Haagen Dazs Macchiato Brittle

Haagen Dazs Cafe Brittle Sunrise

Haagen Dazs Chocolate Hazelnut Iced Latte

And here’s Eduardo:

Eduardo Vastolo

A Haagen Dazs and illy creation

Then it was my turn! 😀


My Creation: I’m calling it ‘Hazelnut Sparkles’

My Haagen Dazs creation

My Haagen Dazs creation

Five Fascinating Things I Learnt During The Workshop:

  1. The Italians have a coffee-based beverage called Affogato (the word means “drowned” in Italian). Imagine ice cream drowning in a cup of espresso, and you’ll have figured out what Affogato is 😀
  2. Eduardo asked us whether coffee is a “food” or “beverage”. All of us present thought coffee is (without doubt) a beverage. His take: Coffee is more like ‘food’ because the coffee beans need to be ground, cooked in espresso with the correct extraction time, and if any of these steps are wrong, the flavour of the coffee turns out wrong. Compare this with a can of Coke (a beverage), which tastes the same whether you purchase it in Singapore, or in any other part of the world.
  3. It’s difficult to predict the outcome when you are experimenting with flavours and trying to come up with new creations. I had thought that my new creation would taste sweet, but it was rather bitter! And it was because I used two different kinds of coffee. (@_@)
  4. Eduardo reminded us to be mindful about our food. Don’t simply eat or drink just to fill your tummy, or rush through a meal because you don’t have time to sit though it and just enjoy. Pay attention to the taste of the food/drink.
  5. Be creative. Mix things up. Your new creation might just be PERFECTO! Even though I have a sweet tooth and my creation turned out slightly bitter, it had all the ingredients I like, including an added scoop of cookies and cream ice cream 😀 And I think it tasted pretty good!

Thank You, Häagen Dazs and illy, for the lovely introduction to the world of Ice Cream Coffee! 😀Haagen Dazs and illy workshop

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