My Introduction to MMA: UFC 2013 Rule Book & Fight Terms

This is embarrassing to admit: I knew nothing about MMA till I was invited to attend today’s UFC Fight Night Singapore Press Conference. Want to find out how you can get tickets for the 4th Jan 2014 UFC Fight Night Singapore? Then check out my blogpost here.

With the press release given to me is an insightful document: The 2013 UFC Rule Book & Fight Terms.

UFC Rule Book 2013

For the clueless like me:

What is the UFC

What is MMA

There are various fight styles in a UFC bout, like boxing, judo, karate, kickboxing, kungfu, and taekwondo. Those particularly interesting to me are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and ‘Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling’ – I never knew BJJ existed till I signed up for personal training with Quantum Fitness.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling

UFC Rules & Regulations:

UFC Rules and Regulations

UFC Weight Classes:

UFC Weight Classes

This puts me in the flyweight category! 😀

There are 31 match fouls listed within the Rule Book, such as “Groin attacks of any kind” and “Kicking the head of a grounded opponent”. But one made me laugh out loud:

Timidity, including, but without limitation: avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury

It seems “timidity” is not an option in a fight! 😀

How to win, then?

Ways to win in UFC

The glossary of fight terms is also an extensive one. Know what “Butterfly Guard”, “Armbar” or “Guillotine Choke” mean? I have the descriptions but I think the terms are scary enough. Guillotine Choke, anyone? 😛


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  1. ONE FC allows soccer kicks. kicking your opponent like a soccer ball even when he is down. not very sportsmanlike. UFC is all about respect…they beat e crap out of each other but truly respect their opponent

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