Meeting Alex Gustafsson at UFC 20th Anniversary Party

When Alex Gustafsson came and sat down at the table I was at, I had no idea who he was. 😀 If you don’t already know, I’ve only just been introduced into the world of UFC / MMA. And it’s also not my fault ‘cos he doesn’t sport that (scary) beard in the EDM I received. Muahaha! 😀

Alex Gustafsson in Singapore

Alex Gustafsson is a giant! He’s 195cm tall!!! (@_@)

Alex Gustafsson

What is more shocking is his age – he is 26. That makes him younger than me! (@_@) Ditch the beard, young man! 😛

He also has an awesome nickname: The Mauler. Watch this video and find out why. If you’re fighting him and you get knocked to the ground, he just pounces on you and bashes your head in. *shiver*


I’m looking forward to UFC Fight Night SG. Who’s gonna win – Jake Ellenberger or Tarec Saffiedine? 😉

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UFC Jake Ellenberger Tarec Saffiedine

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