Movie Review: Captain Phillips – Beware the Beginning!

I caught the movie ‘Captain Philips’ at GV Max, Vivocity, yesterday.

I would rate the movie 7.5/10 if not for the horrible start to the movie.

Captain Phillips [picture credit:]

But first… the synopsis from GV and trailer from YouTube:

“Columbia Pictures’ action-thriller Captain Phillips stars two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks in the true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.”


At the start, it seemed as though the movie was filmed using a handheld camera operated by someone with unsteady hands. I got “seasick” even before the Captain boarded the ship!

My friend felt the same way too though she thought it could be the director’s deliberate efforts to prepare us for the choppy waves later on.

In any case, I didn’t like the induced nausea! 😛

Having said that, Tom Hanks’ acting was superb!

While the whole hijack cum rescue operation was a long, drawn-out affair, our eyes were glued to the screen.

Captain Phillips

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I like how this movie also teaches us a little something about how to react if you’ve been kidnapped or in this case, be taken hostage:

1) Try to befriend the person who is the weakest link. In this movie, it was the young man who got his bare feet cut by broken glass. Because Capt Phillips offered to dress his wound, the latter later offered him water to drink.

2) Pit two people against each other. If you can somehow cause two of the kidnappers to fight or argue, they might end up killing each other, or at least give you an opportunity to escape.

3) Whenever possible, make your escape. Sometimes, opportunities don’t present themselves twice. If you have to pretend you need to pee so they take their eyes off you for a minute, do it. And definitely try to flee (not pee!)

As this movie is based on a true story, I shudder to think of how young people could turn to piracy just because they meet the wrong company. No one should have to kill, or threaten to kill, other people in order to make a living.

Captain Phillips [picture credit:]

Watch this movie right till the end. Tom Hanks’ acting is awesome! Give the man another Oscar!

Just remember to skip the beginning portion if you don’t want to get “seasick” even before the ship is out at sea. Tell the person next to you to let you know when Capt Phillips has boarded the cargo ship. 😛