What To Do If Your Job Pays Well But You Are Unhappy

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I know the title of this blogpost sounds counter-intuitive: how can a job that pays well leave me unhappy?

Fact is, this is what MANY people are experiencing. And I went through this phase too!

Money doesn’t make you happy if you work such long hours you don’t even see your family – you leave the house before they wake up, and by the time you get back, they are already asleep.

Your friends think you have “no life” because all you do is “work, work, work”. And you can’t even recall what your hobbies are anymore.

When you can finally take a break, you go on a holiday, but fret about the work you are leaving behind. You even feel guilty that your colleagues have to ‘cover’ for you. Your mind never truly goes on ‘holiday’.

Sounds familiar? 😉


Met a friend from Hong Kong for lunch yesterday, as she’s holidaying in Singapore. She shared with me about her career woes. And it does sound like the typical Singaporean story even though she’s from Hong Kong!

Basically, she’s in a job that makes her work long hours. Even leaving the office at 1am or 2am is not uncommon. BUT she needs that income in order to pay the rent each month.

I ask her what her ideal/dream job is. Her initial (instinctive) response of “I don’t know” later became “let me think about it” and she could answer me eventually. I saw her eyes light up as she told me about her dream job.

She says her dream job doesn’t pay well though because “you make very little money in that industry”.

My next question: “Any companies making money in that industry?”

She thought about it… and again more objections… like how clients would ‘steal’ your ideas and pay someone else LESS to implement those ideas.

I guess the barriers that we put up actually CAUSE us to NOT experience the success that we want. Simply because we think it is not possible. You think so too?

For instance, if I don’t think that bloggers can make decent incomes, would I still be sticking around? No!

I believe blogging can be lucrative and rewarding (not for all) and I work towards being one of the success stories instead of offering you 101 examples of cheapo companies who are unwilling to pay bloggers for the work done!

You design your own destiny and realize your own reality.

If you keep thinking you are a failure, will you suddenly win a fighting competition, suddenly strike the lottery or suddenly manage to lose that 10kg to get to your ideal weight?

I’m quite certain the answer is NO!

So what can you do if your job pays well but you are unhappy?

1) If you have 101 reasons why you cannot go for your dream job, then stay in the current one and “suck it up“, as they say. Don’t try to get people’s sympathy, because few will actually care. I’ve read somewhere that half the people are actually glad you have these issues (so their own lives seem a little better in comparison) and the other half just don’t care. So choose to be awesome and choose to be happy… for you, and not anyone else.

2) Go do something else that makes you happy. If that rental is stopping you from leaving your job, do whatever it takes (even if it means going back to stay with your parents). Make every day a happy one for yourself, because you won’t know which day will be your last, really.

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