Replace Your Anti-Aging Products with Reverse-Aging Ones: Cellglo Creme 21

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You probably own a skincare product (or two) that has anti-aging properties, i.e. the product helps slow down the aging process. But Cellglo claims to be able to reverse the effects of aging, making you look younger than you really are. 😉

It promises to nourish, restore and protect your skin. A multi-use product, you can apply the cream on your face and body. Some people use Cellglo Creme 21 to combat pimples, acne, eczema, and heal scars. Others claim that they have firmer skin, reduced pigmentation, less visible wrinkles, and even firmer and fuller breasts (though of course I have yet to verify this) 😀

Cellglo prides itself on using a 100% natural blend of plant ingredients, with no added drugs and chemicals.

Based on my personal experience using this product, I’d say it is indeed moisturizing though I cannot vouch for its wrinkle-reducing properties because I don’t have any visible wrinkles to work on, or flabby-enough bits to apply this cream on. But, I’m going to select FIVE people to test this product and find out how it works for them. If you’re younger than me (I’m 27), please don’t tell me you want to test the product’s wrinkle-reducing properties as I’m pretty sure you do not have any wrinkles! 😛 But if you would like a firmer waistline, for instance, go ahead and take part in this giveaway…


Giveaway: 5 Sets of this ‘Reverse-aging’ Cellglo Creme 21, worth S$138 each! 

*Only for residents of Singapore!*

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24 thoughts on “Replace Your Anti-Aging Products with Reverse-Aging Ones: Cellglo Creme 21

  1. Hi Grace! Reversing the effects of aging sounds good! I’m beginning to develop “laugh lines” along the nose to mouth area and the horrible “neck rings”! Having a product to claim that it can reverse or just DELAY this “wrinkles” sounds great! Pick me! 😄

  2. Why i should win because i have very dull skin, dry & very oily that making me less confident whenever i am face to face talk to people.i feel myself older than my age actually but i don’t dare to ask anybody…i have tried many face products that i can effort to buy but none of it suit my i would love to win this
    Thank you very much 🙂

  3. I’m hoping to win this for my mum cos she’s old now with wrinkles and reddish spots. She’s cost savvy person when it comes to skincare so in short, household products except skincare is more priority. Thus, with this, she can anti age without spending extra money and look younger! –

  4. It’s definitely every girl’s dream not only to stay pretty,but oso wanted to look younger than actual age,isn’t it?that’s the reason why I am willing to try on more products to see which really works for me.

  5. stepping into 30s , aging is the greatest fear for everybody especially a woman who is married with kids, fighting with time to work and spending quality moments with family. I wish to win a real good stuff for my anti aging regime to stay young and pretty ! Living a beautiful and confident life!

  6. I have an outbreak in 2 years ago, it was a disaster as my cheek is full of scars which is caused by the pimples and acnes::(
    i have tried all sort of brightening cream which are useless in lightening my scar!! Recently, i found out that there are alot of lines on my neck and chest! Is this a sign of aging?? This is really disturbing as i am only 24 yrs old and i am experiencing this:( really hope that you can pick me so that i have the chance to try this product 🙂
    My email address :

  7. I’m 25 this year and people says it’s the age where you start using anti-ageing products. And base on your review, it would be great if I can skip my usual regime by using just one product when Cellglo helps on hydrating and pimple outbreak.

  8. i need to win as i need to maintain my youth and i believe this cream will help me a lot.

  9. I am not young anymore and I am 36 this year. Having have to juggle a full time job and looking after 3 kids after work, I hardly have the time to do maintenance on myself. So please choose me. Email:

  10. As I get older, my skin tends to go drier, rough and more lines appear. I believe the amazing cream will help to slow down the aging process and make my skin smoother, hydrated and looks younger.

  11. Hi Grace,

    I have never use this brand before and I would like to try out this new skincare products. I love to explore new skincare products because I will never know there’s much better or much suitable ones for me. PICK ME –

  12. Reversing the effects of aging sounds good! I’m beginning to develop “laugh lines” along the nose to mouth area and the horrible “neck rings”! Having a product to claim that it can reverse or just DELAY this “wrinkles” sounds great! Pick me! 😄

  13. Though im in my 20s but its never too early to start on anti-aging skincare routine. Hope to win this amazing anti-age product to mantain my complexion.

  14. I am getting wrinkles and pimples and my skin’s condition is really bad, I’ve tried many products and they won’t solve my skin problems! I hope cellglo will help me!

  15. Hi Grace, I noticed when I get older, my skin got drier with more line appearing. I want to age gracefully into a pretty auntie. Hope to have good skin like you. glwc88 at hotmail dot com

  16. Please pick me! I too have tried many anti-aging creams which seem futile and useless. Hope this miracle product bring hope and turn back the signs of aging!

  17. It certainly sounds like an amazing cream for a good and healthy skin. I really hope to try out the multi-use product on my face and body to combat pimples / acnes and heal the ugly scars. I also want to reduce the pigmentation, wrinkles and firm up my sagging skin.

  18. Hi Grace,recently while walking down the streets,I saw my schoolmate and called out “Hey”! The last time I had seen him was 24 years back! Sadly,he couldn’t recognize me…he seemed to look the same while I had aged terribly…All that hard work,toiling,long outdoor travel for office purpose on hot sunny days had taken their toll….Definitely I need to work on my ageing skin at the earliest. So please choose me for trying Cellglo21. I don’t like to apply chemicals on my skin. Cellglo21 is best for me as it has no drugs or chemicals. My skin is dry most of the time;Cellglo’s moisturizing effect will rectify that. Help me,I want to look 21 again!:-)

  19. hi, i have been suffer with my scar face problems for a very very long time.i used to apply bb cream everyday to avoid anybody sees my face that full with pimples.Its really tiring to apply bb cream everyday and i have tried so many product but thouse product doesnt seems to be help..Thus, i am the kind of person that really care how people look at me so i have to apply it everyday to avoid any judge..i really hope that i can get this good product that can help me and heal it..thanks..appreciate

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