Too Lazy To Head Out For Food? Foodpanda delivers to your doorstep!

I conducted my second full-day blogging workshop on Sunday. Because the food outlets near the training centre are closed on Sundays, I had to order lunch for the group. And it’s a real headache! After the previous session, I had found out (via feedback) that participants actually would prefer a hearty meal, such as a bento set. I had thought that PizzaHut, being rather expensive, would be a good choice. Apparently not.

This time, I ordered lunch via, a food delivery portal in Singapore. Great choice!

Quick and simple:


All I had to do was to input the postal code of the training venue and Foodpanda would list all the restaurants in the area which would deliver lunch to us.

I selected a restaurant, placed my order, and made payment via PayPal. I didn’t want to pay in cash when the deliveryman showed up because I would be in the middle of training and it would just be too troublesome.


I placed my order for Sunday’s lunch on Saturday night – made payment at about 8.31pm and was very surprised to receive a call at 9.04pm from Foodpanda to confirm my order!

On Sunday at 11.12am, I received a second confirmation (via SMS) from Foodpanda that the vendor (Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice) had confirmed my order and it would be delivered in about 50 minutes.

Best of all, the deliveryman turned up 15 minutes early (I had requested that the delivery be at 12noon) and handed over the still-warm package containing our lunch. 🙂

Generous portions and hearty fare:

Yeo Keng Nam

Yeo Keng Nam Chicken Rice

This time, I can safely say that everyone was satisfied. 😀 I’d ordered chicken rice for 6 pax, Hainanese pork chop (which came with my favorite crinkle-cut fries!) and a medium-sized serving of Kailan.

The total bill came up to S$63.90.

~ Blog Reader Privileges ~ 

Foodpanda is extending a $10 discount code to all my blog readers. This code is valid for one year! 😀


Value : $10

Min. order value : $10

Valid with paypal payment ONLY

Valid from 28 Nov 2013 til 28 Nov 2014

If you don’t feel like stepping out of your house in search of food, why not sit home and relax, and have your meal delivered right to your doorstep? 🙂